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    If you want to keep tabs on the horse, don't sell it. I'd never agree to any of your crazy clauses and terms.

    If I buy it, it's mine to with as I wish. Don't understand why some sellers have a mental disconnect with that.
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    I have a ROFR clause in ONE sale I made. I did it because the mare comes from a line I treasure and she was the first foal born on my farm. However, the ONLY reason I think that I would be able to buy the mare back is because we have regular, friendly contact. We chat periodically, exchange horse photos etc. Now whether this relationship sustains itself for another decade or more, who knows. Absence does not make the heart grow fonder necessarily; absence makes the heart forget.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluey View Post
    There is someone on Craiglist right now that keeps trying to get his 5 year old with 90 days riding leased, started at $250 a month, now wants $100.
    He only wants an experienced rider.


    I know that is not the OP's situation, but it shows how everyone that has a horse may think the world should work to fill their wishes.
    I also saw a Craigslist ad that made me chuckle with a 'good luck honey' kind of vibe. The person was selling a paint mare, but the seller wanted to retain breeding rights for the following year and the new buyer had to pay the stud fee.

    LOL. I buy your horse and then come spring my horse is bred with me paying for that (and who says you aren't going to pick Totilas as the sire?) and will be out of commission for quite awhile along with the health risks involved with pregnancy. Also you expect me to pay for the vet checkups and the extra food, all the while having my horse out of commission? Good luck with that. Please, let me join you in your fantasy world.......

    As for the OP, I would never agree to buy a horse with those stipulations. I take excellent care of my animals, but if something happened and my horse needs emergency vet care or euthanasia, I want to be the only one who can make that decision, not someone I hardly know. Also, after I have spent a lot of time on a horse, the price may be higher than when I bought the horse so would you be agreeable to paying the higher price? Just too many strings for me, too complicated....

    Sorry you are in a position where you have to make the tough decision to sell.
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    Any right of first refusals I've seen were "at the escalated price." meaning whatever the horse is worth when the new owner wants to sell it. So...if they buy little Snookums from you for $1,200 and in a year after it goes to shows and wins some stuff and the new owner wants to sell it for $5,000 - previous owner has the right of first refusal at the $5,000 price tag, not $1,200. KnowwhatImean?

    Quote Originally Posted by arabhorse2 View Post
    If I buy it, it's mine to with as I wish. Don't understand why some sellers have a mental disconnect with that.
    Completely agree. If you're selling the horse, you have to accept the fact that the horse is no longer yours. You have to let go. A euthanasia clause is ridiculous, IMO.
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