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    A place called vertigo


    The worst one is the mom who calls and bends your ear for half an hour or so about her daughter and being unable to find the right horse even though they've been searching for over a year....wants you to immediately hold the horse for them...schedules, cancels, reschedules, cancels....wants you to trailer the horse 90 minutes away so they can see the horse off the farm...

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    The light at the end of the tunnel is the train...

    I am also trying to sell a QH that requires an ADVANCED rider...not one who sits up there dilly-dallying while they ride; he requires a rider who is willing to work and give him a real job. I very clearly described how he is going very well, started on lateral movements, riding very nicely in the bridle, collecting and learning to use his hind end, but still needs a lope and can be a handful on the trail (still has those youngster moments where he needs to be corrected and RIDDEN). I had one lady tell me that he needed more training so she wasn't willing to give me what I was asking...well, thanks, I don't remember deciding that I wanted to sell him to you anyways!

    At this point, I'm seriously just considering keeping him, even if he isn't the best match for me right now, because people are nutty, and I just don't want to deal with them.
    "If you think nobody cares about you, try missing a couple payments..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by equinekingdom View Post

    september 31 is not a date.
    I think CharingHounds was trying to give the example without posting her ad, and putting in an "impossible" date was one edit done for that reason.
    You have to have experiences to gain experience.

    1998 Morgan mare Mythic Feronia "More Valley Girl Than Girl Scout!"

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    I hadn't thought of that. When I was looking for a trail horse I had a 5k limit, which brings out the nut jobs for sellers and horses. I wonder if I had looked in the 7-10K range if I would have seen better horses, the ads and videos certainly looked better.

    Quote Originally Posted by crosscreeksh View Post light in sight!!! I find that the cheaper the price, the more the crazies come out!!! Even with expensive very large, fancy show horses I get tons of calls from "mommies" whose children have been "taking lessons for 30-60 days and we want to come look/try your 16.3 TB jumper"!! And when the weather sucks outside I get wayyyyy more calls because people are stuck indoors on the computer!!! Good luck!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gumshoe View Post
    We leased out my daughter's horse recently. I couldn't believe some of the responses I got. Two people who came (with their trainers) insisted they wanted to buy him. And I insisted he was not for sale. Then I had several asking for a free lease. This is a rock solid steady 3' hunter. Shown AA. Seriously? Free? We finally found a young girl wanting to show the low children's. It took about 3 months.

    I got so many crazy requests. One for a free lease to show him at a local schooling series. Oh my. He hadn't shown at a schooling show in about 5 years. That would be embarrassing. Several who wanted to use him for eventing. Ugh. Nothing against it but he is just not suitable. No matter how clear I made an ad I continued to get quite off the wall requests.
    Um, I don't see anything crazy about inquiring about a "...rock steady 3' hunter, shown AA..." as a horse for schooling shows.

    Unless, of course, your ad specifically stated he was not suitable for ANY showing......

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    Once, I watched a prospective buyer run a horse into the arena wall. The poor guy literally walked into the wall, and just stood there quietly with his forehead pressed to it.

    You might think, oh the horse probably wasn't as well trained as he was advertised; or maybe you'd assume she's a beginner.

    Nope. Horse was a PSG/I-1 schoomaster, had been to NAYRC, advertised in the upper 5 figures. Woman was coming to look at an FEI horse, and couldn't steer him. I don't believe the ride lasted long enough to see if she could even get him to trot.

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    My two most recent "whacks" each wanted me to haul my of charge to their farm or another farm that they had friends at. One trip was 2 hours and the other was FIVE hours!! It's winter where we live!!! If you want to horse shop where no indoor is available then wait a few months!!! Horse selling is NOT for the faint of heart!!!
    Breeders of Painted Thoroughbreds and Uniquely Painted Irish Sport Horses in Northeast Oklahoma

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