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    Default Corgi in Brooksville Fla ?near Ocala

    I was surfing looking for a corgi rescue and found a sable corgi on the website for the Animal shelter in Brooksville Fla. In general terms Brooksville seems close to Ocala and I thought I'd give a shout out to all the horsey folks in Ocala. Maybe someone can spring the little guy and give him a better start.

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    I wish I was down there! I would totally go check him out! Hopefully he'll get a good horsey home.

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    It's about 30 minutes south of 200; I know it's 56 miles from me (I'm in Montbrook which is on the Williston/Morriston line off off 41). I wish I could take him! I'll see if the rescue I got my big guy from would be interested in picking him up

    Can you link his ad for me? I can't find it on the Hernando County Shelter website.
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