Meeting with the specialist went well, and Molly received her first chemo treatment on Tuesday. The girls at the clinic were great, they let me stay with her during the procedure and we were in-out in under an hour. She was a very good patient!

Still getting used to seeing her minus a leg, but she is back 100% full force. She is running with her sisters, loving life as she normally does.

My concern however is that the vet doesnt want her to continue on her raw food as apparently the chemo ruins their immune system and it can be a little more difficult for them to deal with the bacteria. I have been cooking her meals for her and have switched her to all lean meats to keep her weight under control. I have always fed raw though, is there less nutrition with having the food cooked? Im not too worried about her teeth at this point. She is eating the cooked food very well, but I want to make sure Im doing the right thing.