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    Jul. 13, 2011
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    So very sorry for your loss. Godspeed, Petey.
    What's wrong with you?? Your cheese done slid off its cracker?!?!

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    Flip a coin. It's not what side lands that matters, but what side you were hoping for when the coin was still in the air.

    You call it boxed wine. I call it carboardeaux.

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    I hate this part of pet ownership. It never gets easier. I am so sorry.
    Don't tell me about what you can't do. That's boring. Show me what you can do. - Mom

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    Jan. 19, 2011
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    Sorry for you loss. Petey sounds like a really nice cat and it sounds like you were a wonderful owner. Jingles and hugs to you and your family.

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    Quote Originally Posted by I'dRatherBRiding View Post
    He was part of my daily routine, not someone I had to remember to call or go visit in order to stay close with, and I think that's what makes it such a huge loss.
    Forgive me if this is too soon, but why not implant another cat into your life? A good cat will appreciate hanging out with you on a daily basis.

    I'd hate to be without a cat at all times.
    The armchair saddler
    Politically Pro-Cat

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    Quote Originally Posted by I'dRatherBRiding View Post
    Thanks everyone I know so many have experienced similar losses, and sometimes it just feels good to share, so I thank you. Yesterday was extremely hard not seeing Petey in all his usual places (pretty much anywhere I would be) since the whole thing was so sudden, but today is going a little better. The sight of his favorite scratching tree caught my eye on the way out this morning, and I almost lost it again before pulling it together. One of the things I realized is that even though it's "just a cat" and there are worse things going on right now like family members battling cancer or worse, this cat was with me every. single. day. from sun up, then again before sun down. He was part of my daily routine, not someone I had to remember to call or go visit in order to stay close with, and I think that's what makes it such a huge loss.
    Sending you hugs through my own tears. I lost my darling cat Owen a week and a half ago with BUN and creatinine numbers that were off the charts. Kind of the same deal as you, too - was never a cat person, ended up taking him somewhat reluctantly, and somehow found myself joined at the soul before I knew it...)

    Sending you lots of hugs as you are coping with this loss. I know just what you mean about missing your Petey when you see his favorite spots. I still look for Owen in all his usual places before I get that awful jolt that reminds me he is gone, and have dissolved into tears over stuff like pulling a jacket out of my closet only to see a few of his grey hairs on it... pretty much on a daily basis.

    Surely in time we will remember them both with more smiles than tears.

    Hang in there.
    We move pretty fast for some rabid garden snails.

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    So sorry for your loss OP....What a sad sad day. I do hope you will find another cat to share your life, even knowing no one can replace the one you loved.

    About an hour ago, we too lost a beloved cat...Perhaps yours needed a companion to walk over the rainbow bridge with and now they are frolicking together.

    Instead of hanging out lolling about in the sunshine Cinnamon was nowhere to be seen when I went up to the barn to feed this AM. As she hunts regularly (we live next to hundreds of acres of forest) it wasn't concerning. This afternoon I found her at the kitchen door which was extremely unusual, and when I picked her up she didn't protest but lay compliantly in my arms as I stroked her.
    Other than looking exhausted, she showed no signs of illness or injury so I just held her and let her rest on the bed. Vet said he could see her tomorrow AM but now there's nothing he can do.
    I still can't believe she's gone. My only consolation is it was quite quick and her life up until now was very happy and loved, and her last day was spent being held and stroked...she came seeking comfort from us. I'm just relieved I was home and found her when I did.

    We have no idea what possibly could have killed her...My experience with poisoned animals was dramatically different from what I saw today...Maybe the same thing that killed your cat. Sigh....soooooo sad.

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