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    Default Pre-emergents and weed control

    What pre-emergent or weed control products are safe to use on pasture? I will be able to keep the horses off the fields for a little bit. I read that a rule of thumb is to apply weed-n-feed products when the forsythia blooms.

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    Well, the lead farm desk employee at my regional farm
    store says he sprays his pastures with Pasture Pro while
    the horses are in the pasture and he has never had any
    problems. I would prefer to do a soil test and find out
    what my pastures need with respect to fertilizer rather
    than use a wee-n-feed which is not specifically formulated
    for the needs of my pastures.
    Robin from Dancing Horse Hill
    Elmwood, Wisconsin

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    Where are you located?
    When is your growing season?
    When is your last frost?
    What kind of grass/hay are you growing?
    If grazing pasture, are your horses on the pasture 24 hours a day and do you have ability to rotate pastures?
    What are you intending to remove?

    Many herbicides are restricted and have grazing and harvesting restrictions.
    Read the labels carefully. Hire a professional liscensed applicator to dispense the herbicide.

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    Second Pature-pro have had good results with it. I do have a professional company apply, they can do your soil testing as well. At least in MD commercial applicators are required to do a soil test at the start and then every three years after if you continue services.
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    Talk with your County Agent. They will have extensive, localized information available.

    If you have your own spray equipment a "professional applicator" is not required. If you don't balance the cost of the professional against buying your own gear.

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