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    Question membership questions for showing in recognized shows.

    I'm diving into the recognized show ring this year for the first time since my hunter days and I have a few questions.

    I have active/participating memberships with usdf and usef as well as a GMO membership. The horse that I will be competing is not owned by me.

    I understand that the owner needs to be a member of usdf and usef as well, but, are they able to be inactive member of usef and a non-member the $25.00 fee) for usdf? Or, must the owner also be listed as an active usef and participating usdf member? (from what I'm seems as though inactive and non-member are ok for owners that are not riding, but I want to double check.)

    The other question is that when I checked under the owner's last name if her horse had an HID number, the horse that popped up had incorrect info. He was listed as a 2000, chestnut, TB/Quarterhorse gelding. He is actually a 8, going on 9 year old, bay, TB/Oldenburg gelding. The name is his barn name as well, not his registered name. How does the owner remedy that, and will there be a lot of grief about changing the info?

    Thank you!

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    Depends on if you want to qualify for region championships. If so, then the owner has to be a participating USDF member. All this is laid out fairly clearly on the USDF and USEF websites. As far as the horse... sounds like a different horse to me I'd just get a new HID.

    Another option would be for you to ride in opportunity classes. All membership requirements are waived, and even though you can't accumulate points toward any YEA or qualify for champs, it's a great option for people who are just looking to get their feet wet at a recognized show.
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    Like CatPS said, the websites have all the info fairly easy to find.

    If you only planning on one show, paying the owner non-member fee is probably your least expensive way.

    Planning to show more, the easiest way, (if the owner isn't intersted in showing at all, or paying the fees) is to lease the horse for the season (or longer!) You or the owner pay I think $25 for the lease recording. You can renew it every year for free! That way you will be considered the owner for all show purposes, which makes it a lot easier IMHO.

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    Jun. 15, 2007


    Thanks guys! I swear I looked at the websites before trolling for info
    I was getting very confused about the owner requirements.

    Good news is that it IS in fact a different horse - apparently this is Winston #2

    Equi88, thank you SO much for the tip on leasing for the season - the owner definitely does not want to show, so that may be the way to go! I feel bad asking her to pay the fees for membership as the owner since she's already been so generous. I was going to offer to pay those fees for her, but paying the lease recording sounds more manageable

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