hello everyone...I have to stay in Ocala for a trainiship for 3 months...I am avaliable for riding or showing maybe any horse...for free.
I have experience in showjumping ( I have competed up to 1, 10m classes in national shows and up to 1, 15m classes at home with my pony and 1, 25 single jump with pony), eventing and ponyclub riding. I have worked for years with 3yo horses for preparing for show. I have done for 4 times sardinian regional championship of dressage getting a 3'position with a pony and always good scores with horses in the last times.
I have also done a one day intensive stage of dressage with an international rider at SFK in Stockholm. ..the F.E.I. best famous location in Sweden.
I have trained my horse in flat work since he was 4and half yo up to be ready for intermediate level test when he was 8 but he passed away this summer. I have ride my friend's dressage and eventing horse at home and get high % and score in home schooling test. I also consider partial Lease.
for any further information contact me by mail please at; corribello@yahoo.it