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    Feb. 15, 2010

    Default Cleaning out a messy, poopy trailer...what to use?

    Okay, without telling a whole life-story here, I purchased a trailer today that needs cleaning out in the horse area...bad. Floor to ceiling washing, mats coming out for a power-washing and want to sanitize. All aluminum model. Am thinking a Nolvasan solution wash, but maybe someone on here is a commercial hauler or private carrier that can recommend a good sanitizing wash that will be gentle on the trailer itself? This higher-end horse trailer looks like cows dumped in it and even blew cowpies up onto parts of the ceiling in the horse area! Yick! It really shouldn't take too much scrubbing to set it to rights, but want to kill the nasties in the crevices without killing my trailer.

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    Sep. 5, 2005


    I don't know if you can do this, but can a truck-wash place acid-wash in on the inside? I know that's a great way to clean off the outer side. If you strip it entirely, a truck place might have a power-wash that they can use on the inside.
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    Aug. 25, 2012


    Can you use the power washer on the inside? If so maybe do a good ole fashion bleach solution or if you are like me I use white vinegar solutions for lots of cleaning needs.

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    Jul. 24, 2004


    Synphenol will kill just about everything - it is what I would use in your situation. Just make sure you wear gloves and eye protection so it doesn't get on you.
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    Nolvasan Solution is made for the job.

    "Recommended Concentration For Use

    I. For disinfection of inanimate objects to aid in control of canine distemper virus, equine influenza virus, transmissible gastroenteritis virus, hog cholera virus, parainfluenza-3 virus, bovine rhinotracheitis virus, bovine viral diarrhea virus, infectious bronchitis virus, Newcastle virus, Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus, equine rhinopneumonitis virus, feline rhinotracheitis virus, pseudorabies virus, equine arteritis virus and canine coronavirus - 3 ounces (6 tablespoonfuls) per gallon of clean water. Nolvasan Solution has been shown to be virucidal in vitro against rabies virus (CVS strain) in laboratory tests when used as directed above.
    II. For disinfection of veterinary or farm premises - 1 ounce (2 tablespoonfuls) per gallon of clean water.
    III. For use in federally inspected meat, poultry, rabbit and egg establishments - 1 ounce (2 tablespoonfuls) of Nolvasan Solution to each gallon clean water.
    IV. For dipping teats as an aid in controlling bacteria that causes mastitis. Make up a final dipping solution by putting 32 ounces (one quart) of Nolvasan Solution in a clean gallon container, adding 6 ounces of glycerin and then adding clean potable water until you have a total volume of one gallon."
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    Jan. 21, 2010


    I agree with the big bucket of watered nolvasan solution. You can probably get away with a pretty weak solution and still do the job.
    If you want to do a "pre-wash" before a final sanitizing step, I strongly recommend a semi-truck wash place. Those things are fantastic to use on a trailer, with their self-sudsing giant-handled brushes to reach on the ceilings without dripping all over yourself.

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    Feb. 15, 2010


    Some good ideas here, along the lines of what I was thinking...I think Nolvasan would be the most comprehensive to use, but a pre-bath would likely be a good idea as well. I had thought of bleach, but the Nolvasan is, I think, more likely to be easy on the nostrils. Washing with too much bleach in an enclosed place burns your nostrils when you have scrubbing and messing around to do for too long. Been there and done that with a trailer before, and it needed nowhere near the scrubbing then.

    Yes, it will be getting an acid-wash, but only on the is in the shop right now for that. They did not recommend it for the interior, and in fact I have heard of a few cases where the chemicals used for that were dangerous to animals and humans inside the trailer. Not sure wha they used but it did not sound good.

    I will look at that other stuff too though and see what its applications are. You never know what tidbits of knowledge you might need for something at a later date.

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