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    May. 11, 2004


    Well as I thought I sold all my horsie stuff ( I just bought the saddle) it was a surprise to me when I looked and found that I found that I still had.

    3 leather halters all with name plates of previous horses names one them.
    6 leather girths of course have to get a new one because they don't fit new horse.
    5 bits 2 full cheek, 1 d ring, 1 polo gag, 1 elevator
    to many saddle pads including to many half and baby pads that I forgot about.
    3 sets of shipping boots
    10 sets of polo wraps of different colors
    12 sets of quits
    10 sets of standing wraps
    4 sets of stirrup leathers
    3 sets of irons including one 1set "bendy"
    1 compete set of shoes ( from a horse I had a long time ago don't know why still have)
    4 bridles
    and a slew of other stuff still in a ball of stuff that scares me...
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    Aug. 3, 2010
    for now, Southern Pines, NC


    Hm, I want to play!
    I have two horses. (one's 15.3, the other 18hh)

    3 Close Contact saddles (Tad Coffin, Hermes, Pessoa) and one on order
    1 dressage saddle
    4 Edgewood bridles and martingales used for schooling
    3 Edgewood bridles and martingales used only for shows
    2 dressage bridles, plus a blingly browband I use only for shows
    2 Edgewood jumper bridles that haven't been used since I sold the jumper
    1 pony-sized show bridle for if I ever get a pony. (just for fun)
    ~40 bits -- I'm an admitted adict. Plus, the horses use different sizes.....
    about 20 girths, mostly leather, some synthetic, including 3 or 4 dressage girths.
    probably 50 or 60 saddle pads (show, square shooling, dressage, cc, and specialty)
    2-8 blankets in every size and at least 2 weights for every size between 68 and 86. Plus lots of assorted sheets, scrims, coolers, wool dress sheets for shows.
    Countless polo wraps, eskadrons, and leather open front boots

    I'm a tack horder! I've had lots of different sized horses with different needs. And I keep everything in case I need it again. I have a designated "tack room" in my house for the storage of all this and more. The sad thing is that there's not much else I can justify buying.
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    Oct. 14, 2012


    I've only been back into horses since Aug and this is what I've accumulated so far:

    1) 2 horses (but managed to sell 1 so back down to 1)
    2) 1 jumping saddle, 1 dressage saddle,
    3) extra set of stirrups and irons
    4) 4 bridles, 2 hunter, 1 schooling and 1 dressage (the dressage saddle I bought on ebay came with 2)
    5) ONLY 2 bits, 1 double joint loose ring and 1 french link full cheek
    6) 3 coolers (how did I end up with 3 coolers)
    7) 2 blankets, 1 sheet and 1 show sheet (why?!)

    And I buy more. . .,,, ebay, facebook, when you see a deal it's hard to turn down!

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    Jan. 14, 2006
    Nashville, TN


    I have about 7 saddles that I ride in regularly, and at least 8 more that I don't.

    I have 10 fully set up "nice" bridles and countless others in bits and pieces stored away as extra.

    Four different kinds of breastplate.

    About 20 girths, give or take.

    I have four horses fully outfitted with Rambo wugs or supremes and enough other blankets to clothe probably 5 more.

    I have probably upwards of 50 bits, 6 helmets, countless extra leathers, irons and reins, 20 or so saddle pads, about 10 options for half/corrections pads (most of which don't get used thanks to my awesome saddle fitter KateWooten)... shall I keep going?

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    Sep. 5, 2007


    Current count (I have one horse):

    2 Dressage - Windsor Greenline and older Cliff Barnsby (The CB is my trail saddle)

    2 jump saddles - Crown Impala and Hermes Steinkraus (this was my buy of the century - $100)

    1 A/P - Collegiate Sr Event (my shareboarder rides in this)

    1 C&W sidesaddle

    1 cheapie treeless

    Currently on consignment and hoping to sell at some point:

    1 Collegiate close contact
    1 Western (older Hereford)
    1 Australian

    Bridles: 1 dressage, 1 for the trail, 3 for jumping - all set up with different bits, 1 for sidesaddle and just bought one for hunter shows. I also have several western headstalls and a halter bridle that I used in the 2009 Inaugural Parade.

    Bits - at least a dozen . . .

    "I am still under the impression that there is nothing alive quite so beautiful as a thoroughbred horse." -- John Galsworthy

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    Nov. 13, 2004
    City of delusion in the state of total denial


    One horse, but the bit collection started long before I got him. One saddle, two bridles (cavesson bridle for everyday and cheap figure-8 bridle for occasional use) and one running martingale. There is a bit on each bridle, at least five more bits in my tack trunk, and probably four or five more in the basement.

    Where I really fall short of the sanity line is in the number of halters he owns, but I can explain.

    (No really, I can. He takes them off the gate and plays halter tag. I try to keep 2 turnout halters in good repair at any given time, since the backlog at the repair place is 2 months long.)
    "I'm not always sarcastic. Sometimes I'm asleep." - Harry Dresden

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    Jan. 6, 2011


    I have two horses.

    I have five saddles right now and one on the way. Three jump saddles: My Prestige Eventer, my Crosby XL, and a Stubben. Two dressage saddles both Spirigs. My saddle on the way is a Voltaire. I have a bunch of fluffy girths and leather girths from 44" to 56".

    Bridles it is just too much to count. Honestly I have a couple rubbermaid tubs full of bridles, martingales, and bridle parts. I don't want to think how much I have, but I will never run out!

    Bits again are also a large collection. I have a wooden bit box that I won at a silent auction that is packed to the brim. The hangers are sagging and there are bits packed between and under. I just like to collect them so I will always have what I want.

    Saddle pads are my vice through. I would have to say that I have around 60. Huge wooden tack trunk packed to the brim with them, tupperware bins in my trailer packed with pads. Boots are the same way. So many.

    I buy and sell on eBay and though I sell a ton, I justify my reasons for keeping so many purchases.
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    Nov. 23, 2010


    Two horses, two very different builds!
    *CWD SE02
    *Dover Circuit Special Premier

    *Mare: one Red Barn for schooling, one Red Barn for show
    *Gelding: Red Barn Figure 8, Bartville Hunt Bridle, Rodrigo wide noseband for schooling, Five Star Tack for schooling/show, Hadfield's wide noseband for show.

    Don't even get me started on wool coolers or saddle pads. Too many to count it's an addiction, but most things I get off eBay or clearance! I am patient and wait for good deals!

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    Jul. 10, 2008


    I think I have a bit problem....

    I have a "bit bag" that includes bits I have collected over the years from the various horses I've had. I also keep an excel document that lists my bits and if I loan them out I put who I loaned it to and when because I don't want to lose them! (some you can't even find anymore if you wanted to buy it) Right now I have 22 bits, and one hackamore...if you want to count that.

    Ok, I don't think I have a problem...I KNOW I do. lol
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    Nov. 22, 2010
    Where they've got all Hell for a basement


    1 Bruno Delgrange
    1 Rodrigo Pony saddle that I just use for playing around at home (although it's probably not a pretty was fit to my 8 year old body and I am now 22)

    1 think I have 4 useable, complete bridles and then a zillion other spare parts.

    I have a bit of an obsession with bits (ha...bad joke), but I really don't think you can ever have too many bit options. I have skinny loose rings, fat loose rings, twisted full cheeks, D snaffles, D segundas, a "perfect bit", a mikmar, mikmar pelham, straight pelham, jointed pelham, gag...I could go on forever. Someone in the barn needs it, I've got it.

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    Jan. 27, 2003


    3 Saddles (Bruno Delgrange, Zaldi Star, Mortiz Elite)
    6 Bridles (2 Aramas, 2 Moritz, 2 gross bridles that I hate, yet i keep them)
    3 martingales (2 standing, 1 running)
    1 breastplate
    8 girths
    More bits than a sane person needs

    I use:
    1 Bridle
    1 Saddle
    1 Girth
    1 Bit

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    Mar. 14, 2006


    What you are asking is for me to disclose the level of my illness....not going there but I will give you a hint. I have no clue how many bridles I own or blankets or halters or girths for that matter. My defense is at one time (about 2 years ago) I had five horses to outfit. That makes everything Ok right?

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    Jul. 4, 2011
    PacNW, WA


    I actually sold a few bridles earlier this year. I love well made tack and good deals. I'm not a bit collector. But don't ask about how many blankets I have. :0 This is for one horse.

    1 Black Country Ricochet saddle

    1 SmartPak Harwich fancy stitch bridle - schooling
    1 SmartPak Plymouth bridle - NWT, 12days of xmas sale
    1 Arc De Triomphe Imperial bridle - I used to school/show in, but now it's stored
    1 Arc De Triomphe Imperial bridle - NWT, got a good deal, probably will sell
    1 Courbette x-fine raised bridle - show in, it's very fine and suits my horse
    1 Nunn Finer softgrip reins - for rainy day schooling

    2 Pessoa Magic Copper Half Moon Dee - one for schooling, one for shows
    1 Herm Sprenger Dynamic RS Eggbutt - used to ride in this, had 2 sold 1

    1 Black Country Eloquence saddle

    1 Stubben 1700 bridle - school & show
    1 Stubben 1700 flash noseband - new, stored
    1 Keiffer bridle - from my old horse, noseband too wide for this one, stored
    1 Keiffer flash noseband - new, stored

    1 Happy Mouth Shaped Mullen loose ring - schooling and shows
    1 Herm Sprenger Dynamic RS loose ring - - used to ride in this, had 2 sold 1

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    Jan. 3, 2009
    SE Iowa


    Here's some justification for owning more than one saddle for one horse (in case we need it!). When it is time to get your saddle reflocked, you'll need something to ride in until it is finished, right? Am I right?
    Mon Ogon (Mo) and Those Wer the Days (Derby)

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    Jul. 25, 2003
    Boston Area


    Quote Originally Posted by mojo7777 View Post
    Here's some justification for owning more than one saddle for one horse (in case we need it!). When it is time to get your saddle reflocked, you'll need something to ride in until it is finished, right? Am I right?
    My fitter flocks on site so not an excuse for me.

    However, there are lots of reasons for having more than one saddle. Each saddle rides differently and is more/less suitable for a purpose. A xc saddle with very forward flaps isn't going to be as pleasant to ride in while out hacking . . . nor is a dressage saddle (especially if you want to pop over a few small jumps).
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    Jul. 19, 2007


    And I read this thread and realized I forgot the martingales and racing yoke. I have so much tack I don't even know what I have.

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    Jan. 29, 2013
    Greensboro, NC


    Gosh, let's see:

    12 western saddles
    19 English saddles
    1 sidesaddle
    1 bareback pad

    40 bridles (possibly more, that's just the ones I can think of off the top of my head)
    at LEAST 60 bits

    yea I know, pretty's nice having a lesson program so I can justify buying more horse stuff though....I always have a good reason for needing something.

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    Sep. 13, 2002
    Pacific Northwest


    Once in awhile my SO will ask, how many saddles DO you have? Usually this is when I'm contemplating getting another to try. Funniest thing was when UPS delivered a big box recently and he thought ANOTHER SADDLE?! (as he told me later) then realized it was something HE had ordered!

    I have 3 rideable horses and 5 saddles. But 2 of those are on consignment and 1 is going up for sale soon, so I can buy another saddle to fit one of the horses that is making do with one that isn't quite right for him for now.

    On bits and bridles, my numbers are WAY down as I sold off a lot of stuff this last year, trying to downsize. At one point, I'm sure I had about 40 bits. I hated borrowing from my trainer as he gripes about bits borrowed and never returned (can't blame him), so if I tried something once or twice and it was ok, I'd go buy it. Now, I have less than a dozen, I think. I'd have even less, but one horse is narrow, one wide, and one in between, so have to keep different sizes.

    I sold all my show stuff, so now have maybe 10 bridles, but only 3 are in use. The Horze fall apart bridle will probably go in the trash, and a couple of dressage bridles will be sold...if I can get that number down to 5, I will be happy!

    Just don't ask me about saddle pads. I found a whole storage box full of some I'd forgotten about...and the ones I hadn't forgotten, OMG there are a bunch!

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    Feb. 13, 2013


    Okay, opinions please? I keep window shopping on eBay haha and I could possibly get a dressage saddle, dressage pad, hunt seat pad, set of 4 polos, bridle with reins, and dressage girth for $200 which is an amazing deal!! But is it stupid to spend $200 on stuff that I won't use yet? I don't have my own horse but I'm looking and could possibly get one soon!! Even if I don't get one soon, I guarantee I will use the tack in the future.

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    Aug. 30, 2001
    Purcellville, VA


    I have 5 horses currently who use my tack.

    I would rather not do a full count for the world to see. Suffice it to say, all can be ridden at the same time if enough riders show up.

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