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    Feb. 13, 2013

    Default How many saddles and bridles/bits do you own???

    Just curious to see if I'm the only crazy one!

    I have 3 saddles at the moment; 1 good quality H/J, 1 cheap western, and 1 very cheap A/P. I am very close to getting a fairly cheap dressage saddle too!

    And I have 7 bridles... 3 English; fancy hunter, flash, and figure 8. 4 western; yellow nylon, red nylon, black leather and one ear leather. AND I want another flash bridle, a black one for dressage.

    9 bits; western curb, Tom Thumb, western copper d ring snaffle, 2 full cheek snaffles, kimberwicke, English d ring snaffle, rubber d ring snaffle, and rubber d ring Mullen

    And I don't even have my own horse :P yet!! I might be getting one very soon!

    Is anyone else as crazy as me?? And for the record, I got most of this stuff on eBay very cheap, that's why I've started hoarding tack haha. I need to start my inventory for the future and I figured I could get them all cheap

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    Jul. 19, 2007



    A Crosby PDN, a Steubben AP that doesn't fit Lucky (it fit my old horse), if you count the Wintec Isabel (my brother has it for some reason) and a Western saddle.

    Bridles...uh...two complete ones for, three, I think, and I don't know how many spare parts. And a western bridle.

    Um...usable bits? A rubber pelham, a rubber mullen D, an eggbutt snaffle, a full cheek snaffle, a sweet iron french link, a plain medium-port western curb, a pony full cheek, an ANCIENT pony loose ring, a jointed Kimberwicke. (The only one I use? The French link, at the moment.)

    And like three girths, I don't know how many various pads, more halters than I know what to do with including things like pony foal halters, lead lines...but WHAT IF I NEED THEM?

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    Jun. 26, 2012


    Quote Originally Posted by danceronice View Post

    ...but WHAT IF I NEED THEM?
    My justification for buying ANYTHING

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    Apr. 5, 2012


    Oh boy, my two horses and I own...
    1 county and 1 C&W sidesaddle
    7 bridles- 3 are show, 3 are schooling 1 is an emergency one in the trailer made up of odds and ends pieces.
    6 bits- 2 Pelhams, 1 myeler comfort snaffle, 1 myler dee, 1 1/2 cheek snaffle, 1 corkscrew snaffle, and 1 frenchlink snaffle. I'm sure I have random loose rings or junk that came on used bridles I've purchased over the years.
    2 fleece girths and 2 leather ones. I also have 6+ 3 fold girths sidesaddle that I buy for $1-$5 at used tack sales.

    I have more saddle pads than I care to admit, and a few too many halters!

    When I bought my second horse at first I wanted each horse to have their own EVERYTHING, then I was like, "I'm never brushing both horses at the same time, why do I need 2 of everything?" Now they share, and my wallet is much happier. I helps that they are just about the same size.

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    Jun. 20, 2012
    The Part of TN in the Wrong Time Zone


    Saddles: 2 now, a Pessoa and Luc Childeric. LC is my primary.
    Bridles/bits:16 various bits and 5 bridles

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    Jul. 25, 2003
    Boston Area


    1 horse, 1 foster horse
    7 Saddles
    Box 'o Bits

    Sometimes I've had more than 10 saddles but the ones I have now are keepers!
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    Oct. 24, 2003


    I have 1 saddle, 4 bridles and around 8 bits. I only have one horse

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    Nov. 26, 1999
    Richmond, VA


    One saddle, four bridles. Not to mention four standing martingales, a set of draw reins, and an unknown number of bits. No horse though right now.

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    Oct. 6, 2004


    I'm honestly not even sure....that's kind of sad and scary.

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    Apr. 29, 2011


    4 bits, 1 bridle, 1 breastplate, 2 saddles (trying to sell one)

    one horse
    Barn rat for life

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    Nov. 15, 2010
    recent transplant to the Peper


    1 Bates dressage saddle
    1 CWD
    1 Tad coffin
    10-12 bridles (1 double, a couple of flash bridles, a couple of reg cavessons, a couple of figure 8s, a micklem and a bitless) ,probably about 50 bits or so (I haven't counted),3-4 standing martingales
    2 running martingales
    countless pairs of reins
    1 breast plate
    4 or so blingy/color padded browbands

    I hoard tack and pick up good quality used stuff when I find it.. Never know when you might need it!!

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    Oct. 2, 2012
    In the wilds of Northern Ontario, Canada


    Quote Originally Posted by HorseCrazyChick1234 View Post

    And I don't even have my own horse :P yet!!
    Same situation, but have 3 I ride. Won't be getting my own until after I make post retirement move... But figure if I have all the "stuff" now (which I also pick up on e-bay, kijiji and sales) I won't have a big an outlay all at once later.

    One AP english saddle (older Stubben Siegfried that I bought in "extremely lightly used (like maybe once) condition"), one bridle (which currently without a bit, because I put it in the bridle of one of the horses I'm currently riding -- switched out the full cheek snaffle she that was in her bridle for my french link D-ring -- she seems much happier on that bit), and a breast plate.

    To take the list further... have full set grooming supplies of my own (but for now using the ones horse owners supplied), variety of saddle pads (8 total), 2 rope halters (one with nose knots, one without), lunge line, long lead rope & shorter lead rope. Have started the beginnings of equine 1st aid kit and am seriously considering buying a cooler sheet.

    Doesn't help that DH is a "serious gear enabler"

    We're all crazy...

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    Sep. 21, 2009


    2 horses, 2 sports with both, so I neeeeeeddddd all this and more!

    5 saddles:
    Ovation Evolution cc (love!)
    Old collegiate cc
    Niedersuss Symphonie dressage
    Passier GG dressage
    Best-up old, comfy Wintec pro dressage

    5 intact bridles, 3-4 mis-matched or cheaper bridles for parts/back-up

    3 HS bits, 4 miscellaneous bits as spares

    With 2 horses needing 2 outfits, I am not bad!

    Now if we listed out all the other stuff, like blankets, coolers, saddle pads, brushes (one horse is dark, one light, so separate brushes and everything else), girths, halters, etc...

    I don't buy Louboutins, so whatever!

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    Jan. 5, 2009
    the South


    I have, and have only owned, one horse.

    Two saddles: True Brit and a custom
    Two bridles: Ovation, Collegiate, and some extra parts. Three sets of reins.
    D-ring, full cheek, and a pelham

    If we expand this to other leather goods, I have two standing martingales and, let me count...four leather halters.

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    Aug. 1, 2004
    Golden State


    I don't know actual numbers but I keep loose bits in the big home depot buckets and there are multiple buckets.Bridle-wise I have seperate show and work ones in hunter,jumper,dressage,driving and western. Same thing for saddles.If I put stuff together I think I can send at least 30 horses and ponies into the ring, and still have spare girths/cinches,bits,headstalls/reins that don't match etc.

    Sadly, I could probably dress the riders too.
    Ummm,yeah, I might need it one day,styles change,I couldn't resist...pick your excuse.
    I can explain it TO you,but I can't understand it FOR you

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    Nov. 28, 2012
    New York-> Ohio


    I still own two of my old pony's bridles (one show and one schooling) and a couple of his bits (a pelham, a copper roller, a plain D, and a weird D)
    I have 1 saddle (butet)
    my horse has three schooling bridles (an old show bridle, a free bridle and the one he came with) and a show bridle
    bits he has 2 lozenge D's (one copper one not) one plain D, A metal Pelham, a rubber one, another plain D, a full cheek, a three ring, a myler and a couple others
    Plus all the random stuff that I have.
    My Horse Show Photography/ Blog

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    Nov. 7, 2006
    Knoxville TN


    Saddles : 52. 14 jump saddles and the rest are dressage. 3 that I ride in.
    Bridles : 8 that I use, for 7 ponies (Po has 2 - one for XC with a honking great bit) + 8 or so spares.
    and bunches of extra bits, since I migrated from mostly french-link to mostly straight happy-mouth.

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    Jul. 31, 2009
    Pittsburgh, PA


    For one horse, I have:

    3 saddles- a County Innovation that I am currently riding him in, a Stubben Edelweiss that he outgrew, and a Northrun Ashland that I purchased in the hopes that it would fit him (it sadly, did not)

    3 bridles that I know of (my sister seems to think that I have more). I have an almost 20 year old flat Campbell bridle that I LOVE, a Smartpak Plymouth that is quite nice for the money, and a Courbette. I know I have some bridles that have been cannabilized over the years and assorted reins.

    I don't have any idea of just how many bits that I have, probably around 20. They are mostly different snaffles, particularly oval/ french links. Different metals, sizes, that sort of thing.

    While no one asked, I have four girths. 3 Leather and 1 Professional Choice type. Lots of saddle pads....

    As LilyandBaron mentioned, I don't get excited about shoes and purses, but I do like my tack!

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    Mar. 19, 2008


    I'm getting ready to move and have to weed through all my horse stuff. I'm trying to get myself down to 2 Stanley trunks. The clothes and books and other human things I'm going to cram into 2 suitcases. I have priorities, you know!

    All for one very spoiled and well-outfitted horse!

    2 saddles (one old Crosby Softride Olympia, one Stubben Siegfried that actually fits my horse)
    Bridles, bridles, bridles.......4 I think. One black w/flash, one regular cavesson, one cobbled together figure 8, main one is a Five Star Tack figure 8. There are extra nosebands and reins. Actually, there are probably enough spare parts for several more bridles.
    Bits--One corkscrew D, one single-joint D, one rubber loose ring, one french-link full cheek, one hackamore, one waterford D, one french-link D (main bit)
    2 breastplates, one hunting and one 5 point (5 point used every ride)
    2 running martingale attachments, one standing attachment
    5 girths

    I don't even want to get into blankets and saddle pads, that's a whole 'nother can of worms. I've also got a full first aid kit, way too many polos and boots, and a sad amount of fly bonnets. I keep finding stuff I forgot I had!

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    Aug. 30, 2011


    Jeeze I have no idea how many bits I have, some are hanging on my tack room wall, the rest are in a box. Lots I guess!

    I have at least 10 bridles, horse and cob, and an unknown amount of nosebands, reins and pieces. Nevermind all the breastplates, martingales training aids etc. Don't ask me how many girths/ horse boots/ horse blankets/ coolers/ dress sheets/ quarter sheets I have lol. Some women collect shoes...

    I am down to 5 saddles! 2 dressage, 2 flat saddles and one very old stubben ap for baby starting. Will have to buy another jump saddle this year for the new horse, but he can make do for a few months with my prestige.

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