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    Default Minitube AI Gun Questions

    Has anyone ever used the Minitube AI Gun?

    If so did you like it?

    What were your pregnancy rates?

    Did you follow the same thawing recommendations that came with your frozen dose?

    How did you handle the move of multiple straws from the bath to the gun?

    Did you thaw the straws one at a time, or multiple and just let them sit in the water?

    I just purchased the minitube stylus and insemination pipettes to try out this year with several small dose frozen breedings. Unfortunately the equine industry does not seem to have a lot of information online regarding this style of insemination. There is plenty of information for cattle breeders on the internet (plus a video,) on how the cattle industry thaws their semen and inseminates with the "gun."

    Video here:

    Looking forward to reading your input!

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    Are you talking about the one for the .5 cc straws? If so, I used it last year with Diamant semen - one .5cc straw was one dose. I thought it was great - there was no concern about wasting or losing any semen since you don't need to pour it out of the straw. It was neat, quick and easy. It was my first and only time using it, so my experience is limited, but I figured I'd chime in since no one else answered your post. My mare did get pregnant, but lost it around 80 days. I did follow the protocol for thawing the semen. I plan on trying Diamant semen again this year, so will use it again.
    Also, for some reason, my first shipment containing 5 or so AI guns showed up with the plastic tubing broken on all of them, and Minitube shipped me new ones via priority mail at their expense, which was great service on their part.

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    Yes i use it all the time

    its important to load each straw on to the gun and make sure it is fixed on there properly before you put it into the pipette which is already waiting in the mare

    its a 2 person job, one person with a hand in the mare and another to cut the straws and load each straw onto the gun

    so you cut the straw, load it onto the end of the gun, feed the straw into the pipette in the mare, push the end of the gun through, then bring it out, have the other person pull the empty straw off the gun, then cut the next straw and load it on, etc until all straws are in the mare

    make sure you cut the crimped end of the straw and put the end with the plugs in, onto the AI gun

    if its not clear then pm me


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