I received this e-mail yesterday from Delegate Warren Miller & Delegate Gail Bates:

Dear Constituent,

Thank you for your comments on HO.CO. 07-13 (LR 766) Howard County – Deer Hunting on Private Property – Sundays. I understand that this was a rather controversial issue and I appreciate everyone’s opinions on the matter.

The bill was introduced at the request of a constituent. Concern was expressed by interested parties at our public hearing before the session. Delegate Gail Bates has withdrawn the bill to expand deer hunting to Sundays on private property with the permission of the owner due to many of these concerns.


Del. Warren E. Miller
District 9A
I wrote to a list of MD legislators to put my $0.02 in against Sunday hunting, and got nice responses from a few. The most prompt and personable was my own rep, Delegate Jimmy Malone.

Good job everyone who wrote in.