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    Default Wobblers

    Hi Folks, I have a friend whose horse was just diagnosed with Wobblers and am trying to find first hand accounts of successes bringing horses back from this condition! Any info will be greatly appreciated!!!

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    I do believe that if you check on "Search", you may find something.
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    Was the horse diagnosed w/ something other than x-rays? specifically the dye test? PLEASE make sure your friend has gotten a second opinion and an EPM test if only diagnosed via X-ray. I had a 3 yr old who was 'diagnosed' via X-ray, insurance company insisted on dye test which I didn't want to put the horse through but had no choice. Test came back inconclusive, horse did wake up but never moved again. Was in a sling for 2 days w/ absolutely no signs of movement. Was diagnosed post-morten w/ EPM in the brain stem. Come to find out, hospital had tested for EPM but didn't wait for test to come back before putting him under

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    That's heartbreaking, BayesofourLives!

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    I had a wobbler. He was pretty bad, fell at least a few times a week, couldn't back or turn tightly, and if you pulled his tail he'd fall over. It started around 5-7 months, and I got him at 16 months. At 18 months, with no signs of improvement, we called a chiropractor. $45 later, he was good as new. Slightly off for a while because of the change in bone alignment and muscle strength, but I started riding him at 2 years and never had a problem the entire time I had him, he only got stronger

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    Have your friend contact the University of Pennsylvania, New Bolton Center. They did have someone there that encouraged treating with the dietary method, of guarded feeding.

    I have heard of people using it with success.
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    I can offer some ideas but like the other poster said; how was the horse diagnosed? Other questions would be how old is the horse and what is the grade from a 0 to 5 (5 being worse) of the horse?

    If you are sure it is Wobblers via Myleogram the vet could tell if there are one or two compression sites. Many horses I have seen seem to have two compression sites.

    Just like any issue; it depends on the horse. I had a Wobbler horse and was diagnosed via Myleogram had two compression sites and had the Bagby basket surgery. He did very well but he was a grade 2 and was five months old. By the time he was three he was almost 100%.

    Another horse I have had EPM was a grade 1, caught it early and treated. Horse is 100% 10 years later.

    It really depends on what is actually going on inside and how your friend chooses to deal with it. How old they are and how much damage has been done to the spinal cord.

    One thing she can do now is provide 6000 IUs of Vit E a day can be started right away. There have been many studies and top veterinarians that support this. It has to be an all natural Vit E like Elevate.
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    Do a search on Shamardal - it is an interesting possibility:

    The above sight does not give as much information as an old ESPN article has - but I am having trouble bringing it up:

    maybe try the cache

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    I know of a horse that had this condition. I'm not sure what treatment he may have had or any of the details but I know they ended up putting him out to pasture for 2 years and he's coming back to work now, seems fine. But like I said, I don't know any details about his condition!

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