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    Quote Originally Posted by arabhorse2 View Post
    Am I the only one who has an easy keeper TB?

    He gets fed the same thing my Arabs do, although of course in different quantities because he's bigger.

    Blue Seal Trotter pellets and plenty of hay. He gets 2 quarts of Trotter twice a day, along with all the hay he'll eat. It's kept him sleek and in good weight for the last 3 years.
    Mine gets 2.5 cups of Trotter and 3/4 cup of Min-A-Vit Lite twice a day along with plenty of hay. She will probably get more when she goes back to work this spring, but she basicly a very easy keeper.

    BTW, she is coming 6, came off the track in Dec. 2011 and was in rough shape when I picked her up about 10 days later so she was getting a lot more food for a few months until I got her weight up.


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    Mine does well on good quality coastal hay and 8 lbs Nutrena Safechoice and 1 lb rice bran with flax. I have used TC Complete in the past, he doesn't like TC Senior. He is worked pretty hard 5 days a week. I would use straight oil instead of rice bran but the barn won't feed that.

    Mine gets too hot with alfalfa and also got hot with Ultium.

    I do think the quality of hay makes a big difference so when you switch barns you need to take that into account when comparing feeds.

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    I am a soy free fan.

    Just started using McCauley's M10 soy free ration balancer. So far so good. I combine it with pelleted rice bran, canola oil and an oat/barley mix - depending on the horse.

    I also think alfalfa hay is an absolute necessity for OTTB's. Helps buffer acid in the stomach and seems to put the weight on better then anything else.

    Forgot to add: I will often give "dessert" at night after they finish their meal - 4 cups soaked beet pulp and some favorite treats mixed in (like carrots or apples).

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    I have 3 OTTBs and they eat the following:
    Tea- 5 year old mare, off the track 2 years, hard keeper. She gets 2 pounds trotter, half a pound hay stretcher, 1/2 pound SBP 14-10 am/pm. Free choice hay.

    Willie- 14 year old OTTB, off the track since he was seven. Gets the same grain as above, and free choice hay.

    Jet 12 year old OTTB, off the track since he was four, and an easy keeper. He gets 1 pound carb guard, 1 pound hay stretcher 2x/day, plus free choice hay.

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    My friend's Ottb mare is a true easy keeper. She looks like a QH, or, in the winter, a Thelwell pony. She gets some BS Sport + oats mix every day but I'm sure she'd do just fine on hay and a vit mix alone. Lucky owner!

    Mine, not so much (to say the least), picky eater and prone to ulcers, but she is in good weight on the following diet:

    - 2 qts TC Senior /whole oats mix in the morning
    - 3 qts of the same mix at night
    - free choice good quality hay all day long.
    Ottbs - The finish line is only the beginning!

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    Nov. 17, 2008


    So what do you guys feed if yours doesn't like beetpulp?? I feed all of mine a combo of either soaked Speedibeet or Fibrebeet along with Progressive Nutritions Pro Advantage Grass Diet Balancer and Envision new girl is off the track for about a month now..,I started her on Triple Crown Senior, and gradually added in a 1lb of Pro Adv and Envision which she's eating but not with much gusto-also takes her a long time to finish....I've tried adding in some soaked speedi or Fibrebeet -which makes her take even longer to finish...and she ends up usually walking away and leaving it-so I stopped adding the bp for now....I have her on Succeed and Canadian Omeprazole , along with Ulcer aide which has helped tremendously...Dentist next week, and checking a fecal too

    I would gladly try regular alfalfa pellets or hay stretcher or even regular bp but she doesn't seem crazy about anything soaked ...maybe it tastes better than the speedi or Fibrebeet ...I'm kind of scared of feeding them dry...had one choke before

    Maybe she just isn't crazy about TC Senior??im thinking of trying TC Complete or possibly Pennfields Fibergized to see if she eats those with more gusto?!?anybody have better luck with either of those palatability wise?anybody have ones that don't seem to like bp? She gets all the 2nd cutting Timothy/orchard mix she wants -I've also tried giving her the Lucerne Farms Alfa Supreme chopped dengie hay-not really crazy about that either

    Any suggestions?!?

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    Nov. 18, 2010


    Many of us do not feed beet pulp. My mare who was super hot and thin actually did much better on hay pellets and rice bran than she ever did on beet pulp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stolen virtue View Post
    Many of us do not feed beet pulp. My mare who was super hot and thin actually did much better on hay pellets and rice bran than she ever did on beet pulp.
    Did you soak them? Did you add a ration balancer and fat supplement to balance out the diet?

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