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    Default The "Job Description" vs The Reality

    So... those among us who have been full time farm workers, grooms, barn managers, working students, etc., know that the reality and the job description do no necessarily..... resemble one another.

    The job description listed may say "feed, muck, turnout, groom, tack up, hold for vet/farrier, medicate, administer IM shots, night check, drag arenas, and drive trailer." BUT it may also include (previously undiscussed or disclosed, possibly frequent) requests to

    drive owner to the airport

    look after the teenagers when they are out of town

    loan your personal truck (for a 450 round trip over 2 days) when theirs breaks down....

    argue with the repair guy when he wants to charge a fortune to make a house call over Christmas when the furnace in the main house stops working (you live in the trailer, but the kennel their dogs live in is attached to the main house and owners are off on some warm Caribbean island for the Xmas holiday...)

    give their out of town guests a 'lesson' on their totally unsuitable, gargantuan, opinionated, steel mouthed fox hunter draft X mack truck (No, not a part of the 'job description when you took the job. In fact, they refused to hire someone who was looking to 'teach.')

    call the vet again and tell them owner will pay for an 'emergency call' if they show up today (and when you call the vet AGAIN, vet tells you, basically "Is the horse dying? Otherwise that idiot knows I won't have him as a client any more. He got me kicked out off that other farm."

    I will pause now to let some others share their stories.

    And no fair highjacking to complain about employees either. If you wanna trash the workers you gotta start your own thread!!

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    I was once hired to teach lessons....and ended up having to drag the arenas, clean stalls, feed, clean tack rooms, watch children, scrub water tubs, load hay....also was accused of numerous things I never did such as leaving paddock gates wide open and letting horses out, feeding moldy hay....and on days I wasn't there, my horses would get left in the barn, without getting their stalls cleaned, not getting fed, and not having water in 105 degree heat. It was ridiculous. I left after only three months. To my knowledge they have been unable to hold onto any instructor. Or workers, for that matter.

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