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    Apr. 5, 2012

    Default Rider's high

    When I got home from the barn I was so tired, my thighs were sore, and I just wanted to lie down and be a couch potato.

    But I had a great ride.
    And damn, was it worth the exhaustion.

    Just wanted to share
    If i smell like peppermint, I gave my horse treats.
    If I smell like shampoo, I gave my horse a bath.
    If I smell like manure, I tripped.

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    Jun. 30, 2008
    at work and the barn...middle of nowhere PA


    A guy I work with (also an equestrian) says he can always tell if I had a good ride on my horse the night before.

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    Feb. 13, 2013


    Happy for you DottieHQ! It is great to leave the barn feeling productive and accomplished.
    Although this weather isn't really helping because I do not feel anything when I leave... Including my toes, fingers, ears, and nose!

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    Nov. 9, 2011
    Island of Heart Surrounded by the Sea of Intuition


    Don't you love that feeling! Nothing better than a good ride. And sometimes a good ride might be a walk around the farm. Nothing else like it!

    I'm Happy for ya
    The Love for a Horse is just as Complicated as the Love for another Human being, If you have never Loved a Horse you will Never Understand!!!

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    Feb. 19, 2009


    haha my DH always knows when its been a good or bad day at the barn. Its funny that it can affect you so much but it sure does!

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    Jul. 31, 2007


    Mmm, hmm.

    It's so sad that it takes so many words to describe the great feeling of riding a broke horse, or one who masters something new. The rest of the world's eyes glaze over just as you are entering the rapture while describing your great ride.
    The armchair saddler
    Politically Pro-Cat

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    Jan. 29, 2013
    Greensboro, NC


    I had a lovely ride on my young Haflinger gelding (brat) today.....we rode without anything on his head, it was a passenger ride. I got my legs scraped on the fence at least seven times, but by the time we were done he would stop, turn, etc. And normally he's really gate sour, so this was a nice change. I know how you feel!

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