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    Default Cost of Insurance For One Week Trial

    I have a question. I am interested in taking a horse on trial for a week, but the owner is unsure as the horse is uninsured. I am wanting to make sure we are a good fit and have a couple of rides at home.

    Does anyone know what it would cost to put basic mortality/medical coverage on a horse priced at about $6000 for seven days? Ballpark is fine. Just wondering if I am looking at $100 or hundreds...or more.

    Also, any recommendations on companies?
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    The last time I sold a horse, maybe a year and a half ago (too long ago, according to my husband!), I did a trial and the insurance company was happy to do a free "trial policy" as long as the potential buyer was willing to sign up for the full policy if they bought the horse. I think I remember that correctly, anyhow. I know that she was covered and it didn't cost them anything for the trial period, and they wouldn't have owed anything if they didn't buy the horse.....I'm just not sure I remember the details beyond that correctly.

    My suggestion would be to call the insurance company you're interested in insuring through to ask them about it.
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    I believe when I did that last year I had to pay the full amount of annual insurance but would have been rebated most of it had I not bought the horse.

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    There are several companies that will do free trial insurance as long as the owner was willing to insure the horse at the end of the trial/if purchased. The seemed to be no obligation etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by islgrl View Post
    I believe when I did that last year I had to pay the full amount of annual insurance but would have been rebated most of it had I not bought the horse.
    This was the case for me when I took a horse on trial. I signed up with an insurance company, paid for the yearly amount and I had the option of a full refund for up to 3 weeks as long as no claim was made. The terms had nothing to do with a trial, but a 3 week money back guarantee that was offered to all new clients. Basic mortality & major medical coverage on a $6k horse would have been around the $150-200 range roughly from memory, however if you add loss of use price would have been much higher. Loss of use is also harder to prove, requires more vet expenses to diagnose, just keep that in mind.

    Also keep in mind insurance won't cover anything that they determine to be a pre-existing condition. If you can its best to vet the horse then take it on trial with insurance.

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