We have been in the process of building a full horse show course for a few months now. After being out on hold from weather and life schedules we are ready to ge back to it! We were doing really well and have plenty of gates, poles and boxes. For boxes we have stone walls, brick walls, tall brush boxes, and have been utilizing some straw bales.

Where we have started to have trouble is the construction of out wings. What we cannot figure out is the best and sturdiest way to connect the middle to the upright portions. Originally we thought to drill out portions in the uprights and round the edges of the across pieces (which are preasure treated 1x1's) from the middle and insert into the hole. But that became much too complicated and I couldn't figure out how we would accomplish that anyways.

The Lowes man convinced us what we should do is buy these metal U brackets and screw those into the uprights and then into the across pieces. We complete one set of standards and that was a total dud. The amount of screws we had to put into the 1x1 weakened it too much and now the brackets themselves are tearing.

So after this long winded story to you, my question is, how do you make your jump wings? Also any ideas for different, yet traditional looking jumps? I'm pretty good at looking at something and figuring out how to build it, but the standards are throwing me for a loop!

Thanks everyone! Ps please excuse any odd spelling mistakes, this is coming from my iPhone