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    Default Snow and ice in the ring.....

    So my little ring is completely covered in over 3ft of hard, wet snow/ice. It is really the only place I can excercise my horses. So far we are on day 4 of them not being anywhere but their small attached runs. I really don't even know where to begin. We don't have a plow. We do have a large snow blower.....but I am worried about trying to use it in there with the soft sand base underneath.

    What do you do to make your ring usable when there seems to be no end in sight for the snow? If it were soft powdery snow I would have no worries. This hard packed icy, heavy mess is really worrying me. I don't think I can just shovel it out.

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    With 3' of snow, you are probably in New England somewhere where that lovely blizzard hit Friday and Saturday. You can either wait till it eventually melts or use the snowblower but if you use a snowblower you will blow your sand out of your ring.

    I use a snowblower outside the front of my horses stalls where I have a base of gravel and then stonedust and every yr I need to put down a new layer of stone dust. For me it's a small price to pay for not having to shovel the stalls out when the snow gets deep.
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    Use a snowblower around the edge and blow the snow to the center of the ring. That way you won't lose sand, and will at least have some riding room. Also make a turnaround
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    agree with kcmel - make yourself a path, just keep an eye out on how deep you're going.

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