Has anybody else had any problems with fit? I went to a tack shop on December 1st because a der dau rep was going to be there to measure. The boots arrived on Feb 8th and they don't fit. The feet are way too small, I can cram my feet in there, but the left one in particular throbs. Also, the calves are too big, they kind of bulge out.

I contacted two people from the company, the woman that measured me and another rep. The woman that measured me did not respond, the other rep said I should take pictures with me wearing the boots and put tape where they need to be adjusted and send them back. I wrote back asking if she wanted me to measure my calf and she has not responded.

So, I contacted the tack shop where I was measured and one of their employees is going to remeasure me and send the boots back. It's a 3 hour round trip to this tack shop. Very disappointed by the lack of customer service by der dau.