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    Sep. 24, 2012

    Default Single riding pair going to an overnight show??

    My horse and I are going to a thoroughbred specific horse show, our first overnight, by ourselves. IE no trainer, riding partner, etc. Does the office automatically put me next to another barn or other single people? Or should I ask around to other barns to see if my guy can just be tacked on to the end stall?

    Also, should I buy hay and shavings there, or is it ok to bring my own since its JUST my horse?

    Thanks, last year was our first year showing and I just did haul-ins to local show grounds!

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    Jul. 31, 2007


    So jealous...of the all TB show and you going on a romantic weekend date, just you and your horse.

    I have shown by myself a lot and I like it.

    Usually management puts you where there is room. If you want something special-- to be near So-n-So's barn, or on the back end where things are quieter, call the show secretary In Plenty Of Time and politely ask.

    The prize list will tell you whether or not you can bring your own hay and bedding. Unless that's prohibited, I always do because it's cheaper and easier, especially for one horse. Make sure you have the right type of bedding-- some shows demand straw or demand shavings.

    Otherwise, showing alone is like traveling alone: You meet great new people doing it. Bring everything you need to be self-sufficient. That includes stuff like a hose and wheelbarrow or muckbucket.

    I hope you and TB have a great time!
    The armchair saddler
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    Sep. 24, 2012


    Thanks!! I reread the prize list, it asks you to bring your own hay but doesnt specify shavings so I will call the office, also to talk about stabling. I just don't want him in a far off corner all alone!!

    I'm getting super excited about this, we will probably only show in showmanship, *maybe* intro A dressage, but it's more experience and fun for us. I guess that Friday they will have clinics, I think I'll skip another day of work and attend those!

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    Take your bedding of choice. You can always bring it home unused. If they are particular about the type (which you didn't bring), thoroughly clean the stall before you leave.
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    Dec. 12, 2010


    The shows I go to usually put me wherever there is room. Sometimes on the entries there will be a place for "I'd like to stall next to so and so barn." But usually it says that both parties need to agree to stalling next to each other.

    Also a lot of places don't want you to bring your own shavings. I usually end up having to buy mine through the show. None of my shows mind that I bring my own hay though. It's just going to be different for each show you go to probably. Good luck.
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