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    Quote Originally Posted by chancy deal View Post
    HAHAHA!!! I really dont care. You're all a select "few" of COTH bullies who attack anyone who doesnt think in-line with you're way of thinking. My opening thread asked for opinions & instead I was attacked by a bunch of pro-slaughter wolves. Report me?? ....typical behavior of a bully. Bullies can dish it out but they cant take it.
    Someone attacked me by the # of posts ive had on COTH and suggested I had no business saying anything. Well, by the # of posts some of you have... I would say you need to get a life!! Apparently you think your own wisdom & great knowledge so surpasses anyone elses, you must be on COTH endlessly to share it with everyone. Go outside & breathe some fresh air. it would be good for ya.
    In life, happens to all, sometimes you are the boot, others the tin can being kicked around.
    Smart people learn from the times they are the tin can and get smarter.
    The rest, well, never learn and then complain the boot keeps kicking.

    A real smart kid would have thanked others for the information presented and go hunt other windmills to tilt at.

    Plenty here learned stuff we didn't know, myself included, about what all horses provide and horse skin holsters.
    Thank you, MistyBlue and others.
    I say, never pass a chance to learn something, even if some times it comes with a good kicking.

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    We're closing this thread and addressing her posts with the OP.

    Thanks ~
    Mod 1

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