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    How to braid your own hair:

    -Wet hair
    -Comb through
    -Separate at part
    -Draw a pentagram on the floor
    -Perform blood sacrifice
    -Offer up your soul to the devil
    -Chant Latin conjuration
    -Summon Satan
    -Ask Satan to braid your hair

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    There are some good videos on Youtube if that would help you. One thing I found to really help is making sure it's brushed through well so it's smooth and tangle free before you start.

    A good video:
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    Practice, practice, practice on yourself. When I was kid, I would practice french braiding my hair while I watched TV, and go and check it in the mirror during commercial breaks. This is how I developed a real feel for braiding, and I can now french braid my hair in less than 2 minutes. I actually find it easier to braid my own hair than other people's hair...I'm so used to doing my own by feel, I find watching my hands move while braiding other people to be a little disorienting.

    Oh and if you have thick, curly hair, don't wet it first--I have the same kind of hair and it's much easier hid any mistakes with the braid when your hair is dry. Also, the more layers you have in your hair the harder it's going to be to put it in a braid, so if your hair is heavily layered don't be too hard on yourself.

    Oh and if you're interested, do a Google search for "tucked french braid" it's SUPER easy if you can already do a french braid, and one of my favorite ways to wear my hair.

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    When I had long hair I'd French braid it for work, it was not that hard, but man I remember my arms where KILLING me when I was done, from holding them up to the top of my head. There were days that I didn't have the patience for it, and I would bend down as if touching my toes, let my hair fall down and bread it like that, then stand back up. Much quicker and easier, and pretty nice too!
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    I am working on it. One thing I can do fairly easily is braid to ear level, then put a hair clip at the base of the braided part and leave the rest. Looks quite nice.
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    Plumcreek I often give up once I hit the nape of my neck. I braid until all the hair is incorporated and then right when it gets to the easy part (regular braid with remaining strands) I just ponytail it! Something about those last 4 inches really annoys me to do
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