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    Dec. 4, 2010

    Default Reducing scar tissue lump

    One of my horses got a puncture on a front leg in August. I was not there for the injury so for the first week it was gently flushed and wrapped daily, and thereafter gently flushed, washed and wrapped with triple antibiotic ointment. The wound developed some proud flesh so it was treated with Equaide until the growth stopped and the wound healed. Now the wound has healed, but there is still a dime-sized scabby area where the hair has not regrown, and a marble-sized lump of scar tissue underneath. It does not bother her and is merely cosmetic, but as it is on the front of her foreleg and she is for sale I would like to reduce it if not get rid of it completely. Any suggestions??

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    My horse has an ugly raised year old scar on his hock. I've been applying Mederma which is human cream for scars and stretch marks. It isn't cheap. I think I paid $15 for a small tube.

    I've been applying it for about two months (and I'm not out to the barn everyday) and I'm starting to see more hair on the scar and it isn't as raised as it used to be.

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    DMSO is your friend. I use the gel versus the liquid though. The only thing is be careful with it. It will dry out the ski and irritate the horse so you have to watch if the skin starts flaking or horses reaction to applying.

    I will sometimes do it a day or two and let it breath and continue with another day or two. The day off I may very well just put vasoline to keep the area hydrated!
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    I had some luck with Dynamite Wound Balm wrapped over scar tissue.
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    You need an Rx from your vet for this stuff but it really works like magic. Get the ointment rather than cream if you can. Animax is similar but I have been running an experiment with 2 scarry/scabby places on cannon bones and this stuff is winning:
    Nystatin and Triamcinolone Acetonide by a company called TARO Pharmacuticals
    It is not cheap $15 for a 30g tube but you only need a tiny dab a couple of times a day. My tube is at least 5 years old ;-)
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    DMSO works really well at reducing scar tissue, but it will not promote hair regrowth. You would have to follow up with some vitamin E afterwards, and sometimes, the hair won't come back.

    My suggestion would be to have the vet take a peak. You may be able to coordinate with another routine service to avoid a full farm call for a scar. (vaccines, floating, etc.) You may also want to have the vet ultrasound to make sure it is just scar tissue and not a foreign body cooking up a nice abscess.
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    Bumping this up to ask where to get Equaide?

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    Dec. 4, 2010


    Laurierace, Equaide is available online via their website. I have also encountered a few local tack shops that carry it (in smaller sizes than online) but not many do. It's a bit pricy but worth every penny in my opinion!

    Also- thanks all for the suggestions! DMSO did help some; there is still a lump but it is noticeably smaller. Most of the hair ended up growing back by itself with no special treatment.

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