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    Default Using Magnetic wraps - when/how long/etc do you use them?

    Hi everyone!
    I do eventing at the prelim level with my TB gelding who is 10 yrs old. He is sound but of course with jumping and the racing in his previous career he has a few slight changes in his xrays (hocks) but is not sore on flexions etc.
    I want to keep him sound and happy so I am looking into all ways to comfortable and along with joint injections, supplements, and his chiropractor visits, I am looking into other things as well.
    Magnetic wraps, back on track products etc.

    Would love to hear how you use magnetic wraps, when (daily - only at a show, after or before any hard work out, etc) and for how long you keep them on.

    I do a lot of icing when needed after xc etc. looking for other thoughts and ideas from people for other ideas too.

    thanks everyone!

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    I think you will find that the money could be better spent elsewhere.
    Some riders change their horse, they change their saddle, they change their teacher; they never change themselves.

    Remember the horse does all the work, we just sit there and look pretty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by merrygoround View Post
    I think you will find that the money could be better spent elsewhere.
    Interesting! I'd love to read the full text on that study.

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    Save your money and stick with ice, great hoof care, proper conditioning and avoidance of bad footing. Magnets are a bunch of B.S. for therapeutic use as sold. You need great, big, honking multi-Tesla electromagnets to make significant changes to living tissue. Not these silly blankets and wraps.
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    I have had really good experiences with the back on track products, human and horse.

    I use the BOT No Bow wraps after a hard workout in lieu of poulticing because I'm lazy. I really like how they make the legs feel and the horses don't seem to mind. I would usually put them on at the show and they stay on for several hours (trailer home and maybe overnight if we're arriving really late). The wraps come with instructions on how to acclimate the horse to them, I don't recall the details but the key point is that you don't want to put them on for too long at first (ditto for the back pads etc).

    I have not used any magnetic blankets so cannot offer any experiences about those...

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