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    Oct. 16, 2011


    Two of my biggest pet peeves of anything in the world are 1) people that shuffle their feet and 2) people that crack their gum.
    *Wendy* 4.17.73 - 12.20.05

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    Nov. 23, 1999


    Please refrain from flossing your teeth anywhere but a bathroom. And please do not do it in front of people.

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    Apr. 4, 2010
    yonder a bit, GA


    I have a coworker who is pretty much the ultimate caricature of inappropriate manners. She will get on her phone, playing a game or even dialing a call in the middle of a conversation.... while at the front desk! And she doesn't even try to pretend to be listening... yet when the convo is about her she expects full audience participation. She interrupts coworkers and clients, talks back to her managers (about a complaint made against her, "that's just the way I am." Wtfukkity?!) She will even be talking on her phone at work and answer a call from the work phone while holding her cell phone up to her ear, or slightly lower, without even telling her first caller what she's doing! It's so baffling...

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    Feb. 24, 1999


    I work with gross people. Highly educated, but highly disgusting people (don't get me started on their bathroom habits...)

    My boss was on one of his "we should all eat lunch together and bond" kicks a few years ago and I got suckered into a group eating experience. I wound up sitting within view of one particularly nasty person. He was eating fish, and said fish apparently hand bones in it. Instead of somehow subtly depositing the encountered bones into a napkin or something, he was spitting them directly onto the table - mid mouthful. He would take a bite of fish, chew a bit, find a bone, spit the bone (along with some partially chewed fish) onto the table, and go on with his chewing. Repeated as he found another bone. I have a pretty strong stomach, but I nearly lost my lunch. It's been years and I still get queasy thinking of that. That was literally the last time I joined a group lunch.

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    Oct. 20, 2005


    My mom, when she eats crustaceans. I have to leave, the smell is bad but the sound is WORSE.
    It's a uterus, not a clown car. - Sayyedati

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    Mar. 10, 2009


    An ex-BF inhaled food as if he were afraid it was going to run away from him. A few months after we started dating, I understood why. He's a professional photographer, specializing in corporate events. I went with him one night to an awards dinner he was shooting. Poor guy had to grab quick violent bites of food before getting up to go snap off more shots. Many a time he finds that the waitstaff has removed his still mostly full plate while he was up front photographing the speaker. So while it's not great table manners at all, it is definitely behavior borne of necessity.

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    Oct. 7, 2006
    on and off the bit


    I hate when people lay their napkins on the table (using them, then laying them on the table) instead of keeping them out of sight in their laps. Grosses me out.

    Table manners that tickle me but don't seriously annoy me -- the variety of ways in which people hold their forks when they're cutting meat with their knives.

    Men who keep their baseball caps on in restaurants. It's a hat, guys--take it off!

    Manners-in-general -- men who hurry to exit the elevator first when there are women in it who are as close/closer to the door. The older I get, the ruder it seems.

    Don't get me started on driving manners!

    Oh, go on, Indy, you know you want to!
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    Feb. 17, 2007
    My very own sliver of heaven.


    Cell phone use while you're out to dinner with others is probably number one for me. I keep mine on but put away; I'll leave the table to check it if I'm expecting a call. The only time I will answer is in an emergency (I do own a farm, but my friends also know this). I have a dear friend who absolutely puts me up a wall with her constant texting. You'll be out to dinner with her (or in the car, or on a horse, or just hanging out) and she is CONSTANTLY texting. And it's not one of those "jeeze, sorry, I just have to answer this quickly" type situations. You'll be mid sentence (or even SHE'LL be mid sentence!) and out comes the phone and she is tapping away. It is infuriating and SO RUDE. I love her dearly, but she is also someone with very, very little self-awareness and no amount of gentle prodding or subtle correction is going to get through to her. It's unfortunate because she really is a great person...she just has some very obnoxious habits.
    Nine out of ten times, you'll get it wrong...but it's that tenth time that you get it right that makes all the difference.

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    Jul. 11, 2004


    The pubescent brat who, unless you're one of their fellow-pimple-faced cadre, are not worth responding to adults with a, "hello" or a simple, "Yes/No".

    Cell phones most anywhere, especially when discussing foul health problems involving yeast or other nastiness.

    Chewing with mouth open...anytime/anywhere.

    Non-use of the word, "Excuse me" when appropriate.

    Underwear 6" above the top of the pants (beltline doesn't apply since a belt is not being worn to acheive the full effect).

    Bra Straps...I hate the spaghetti strap look with fat braw straps showing...low class.

    Old ladies in see-through thin tops...gack! TMI and eye-bleach.
    "Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc"

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    Mar. 23, 2005


    A relative has some of the worst table manners ever. Like, getting the excess crumbs from her plate with her finger and then sucking on it to eat them. Same with the foam from coffee drinks... finger in mouth. Gross!

    I also cannot eat breakfast in the same vicinity as my father if he is eating cereal, he does this slurping thing that is absolutely gross!

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    Mar. 13, 2006
    Sno County


    My DH picks up his fork for dinner and doesn't lay it down once until everything is gone. Take a break dude!

    Talking on the phone while eating. I'll get up and go eat in the other room while he talks. I guess talking with me is too much to ask.

    Went to lunch with some co-workers once and at the next table was a big group from another company. Every single one to the person was texting, no one was talking, not one. While we try to make communication easier and faster, we're losing the art of communication.

    People who tailgate.
    People who have a long conversation with the cashier at the store while a line forms.
    The usual rudeness.
    Yogurt - If you're so cultured, how come I never see you at the opera? Steven Colbert

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    Jan. 29, 2008


    I have a friend who licks her fingers after every bite, all four of 'em, and her thumb, too, complete with loud sucking/slurping noises. One time, after some wings, she licked all 8 fingers, then did a double barreled suck finale with the two thumbs in her mouth at once. OMG!
    "My doctrine is this, that if we see cruelty or wrong that we have the power to stop, and do nothing, we make ourselves sharers in the guilt.”
    ― Anna Sewell

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    Jan. 29, 2013
    Greensboro, NC


    in the words of Sid the Sloth in Ice Age:

    "Humans. Are. Disgusting."

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    Jul. 10, 2008


    Inappropriate phone usage.

    If I am talking to you, PUT AWAY YOUR PHONE.
    If you are out to eat/having coffee/having drinks with me, PUT AWAY YOUR PHONE.
    If you are at an event like a wedding, party, etc. PUT AWAY YOUR PHONE.
    If I have taken time out of my day to spend time with you and have quality conversation and enjoy your company, PUT AWAY THE ^%&&(^&*(^* PHONE!!!!!

    I cannot believe how some people have no qualms about whipping out their phone to text or take a call when I'm in the middle of a conversation with them FACE TO FACE! It's the most incredibly rude thing I can think of. Now I can understand if there is a good reason for this, i.e. DH's grandmother is not in good health so we ALWAYS take calls/texts from my MIL since she has been caring for her daily, but other than that sort of situation, there is no excuse for phone rudeness!
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