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    Default Riding lesson podcasts?

    Does anyone know if there are riding lesson podcasts/ audio lessons out there? I know there are running podcasts, and audio gym workouts, so I'm hoping that iphone-friendly riding lessons also exist.

    I keep the pony at home, so I rarely have the opportunity to ride in actual lessons. And as I solo rider, I find that I easily lose focus and get distracted, and my rides don't have much structure or purpose. I would love to have a voice in my ear take me through a thirty minute lesson, telling me to what to do, reminding me to keep my seat centered, eyes forward, hands up, etc., explaining what to be aware of, and offering basic troubleshooting.

    If something like this doesn't exist, I see a untapped market...

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    Jul. 10, 2008


    I was JUST THINKING ABOUT THIS the other day!! I would LOVE something like this as well. Eager for any responses!
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    have you checked youtube? There are lots of lesson stuff videos on there.

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    Feb. 19, 2009


    I think that might be kind of difficult to create since you not only have to think of the rider, you also have the horse. Would be interesting to try though!

    Have you checked out Bernie Traurig's website? Its definitely got some good, informative videos that might help you pinpoint some things to work on.

    I also really like watching Jane Savoie's stuff, she is pretty good about vocalizing what is going on where and what you should be doing. I think she also has a website you can pay for, but a lot of her stuff is also on youtube.

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