I purchased a pair of Ariat Quantum Devon Pro zip paddock boots, but I'm having a heck of a time breaking them in. This is something like my 6th or 7th pair of Ariats, and I don't recall having such difficultly breaking them in. The feet are relatively fine, it seems to be the ankle that I have problems with--the zip-ups seem to be much narrower in the ankle than my previous pairs. The last time I wore them, my feet had fallen to sleep halfway through my lesson, the ankles were so tight! I could barely get my heels down (which wasn't a good situation on my winter-hyper horse!). I've been walking around in them a bit, but they're taking forever to break in. Someone at my barn suggested putting conditioner on the inside of the ankles (at the front, around the zips) to help them stretch. I wasn't sure if she meant conditioner or oil, though. What can I do to help speed the break-in process?