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    Quote Originally Posted by ybiaw View Post
    Neti pot. So gross. Soooo amazingly gross.
    Agree......make sure you use Distilled water. I always used tap water and then freaked out when those deaths happened down South from using tap water.

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    Sep. 7, 2009
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    If it's allergic rhinitis, I think I'd add some Zyrtec into the mix.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions!

    I have tried the Vick's steam as well as a vinegar steam.

    I'm already taking Claritin, it seems to work better than Zyrtec for me

    Neti pot won't work because I'm so congested nothing goes in. I have used a sinus wash instead, which has some pressure, but even that doesn't get up in there very well, so it hasn't loosened much up. Up until Thursday or Friday, everything was draining pretty well (and rather grossly, with one good blow completely filling a tissue with glop), but now it seems to be clogged up in there. I'm hoping that once the antibiotic kicks in and starts killing the infection, that it will start to drain again and that the steroid spray (Flonase) will help with the allergies. I used to take it and it worked really well, so I hope it's as successful this time.

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    I can tell what not to do. DO NOT TRY A NETTIE POT! OMG!
    I was miserable a while back. I hate taking over the counter drugs. I will for work but not when I'm home. So I thought a warm nettie pot might be the ticket to avoid drugs til' bedtime. Well I'm here to tell you that was one of the worst things I've done in a long time. Not only did it NOT work but I had sinus pressure that brought me to my knees. I kid you not. Then because I'm anal retentive about balance (everything HAS to be equal) I did the other side. Some THE worst pain evah! Ranked right up there with the top 3.

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    Hope you feel better! For future reference, I don't know if you were taking the liquid or the pill form of Mucinex, but I found the liquid really helps me when I have a cold vs. the pills.

    ETA - For if you ever have a cold I mean, I did read where you said you have something else. Get well soon!
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    A very weird thing the ER doctor told me yesterday that might help if it's allergies--Pepcid and Zantac are histamine-2 blockers. I'm currently on Pepcid, generic diphenhydramine (H1 blocker), and prednisone for more severe allergies (not sinus, skin reactions) but I had never really had a doctor explain the two different types of histamine before. (Plus the Pepcid helps with the stomach from the prednisone.) If the congestion's from allergies, can't hurt, might help.

    Be careful about using Benadryl for sleep--it makes you drowsy but apparently can interfere with getting GOOD sleep.

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