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View Poll Results: What sort of litterbox and litter do you use?

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  • Open/covered litterbox and clumping litter

    101 82.79%
  • Open/covered litterbox and nonclumping litter

    15 12.30%
  • Automatic self-cleaning litterbox

    4 3.28%
  • My barn's indoor and/or outdoor arena

    0 0%
  • No litterbox -- my kitties have a cat door to the great litterbox under the sky!

    2 1.64%
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    May. 17, 2000
    Where am I and what am I doing in this handbasket?


    Here - check this out - scroll down to links to DIY and prefab - tons of pics, tons of ideas!
    I'm sorry... Did I just roll my eyes out loud?

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    Sep. 27, 2000
    Southern California - on a freeway someplace


    Blue Buffalo purchased. Thank you Global Pet Discount store as it was only about $13 for a decently-large bag.
    The Evil Chem Prof

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    Oct. 26, 2007
    San Jose, Ca


    I use clumping litter (have tried pine, silica crystals and other things in the past) - but find myself going back to clumping litter.

    I use a BIG open rubbermaid container as a litter box for my two female cats. I think it was made for under-bed clothes storage. It holds 20 pounds of litter at once.

    I originally started using this because it had low sides - and lots of room to turn around, something my 18 pound, 19 year old cat appreciated. She has since passed, but I still use the big box for my other two. Its large size / litter capacity makes it so it does not get too mucky too quickly.

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    Sep. 19, 2002
    FL transplant from IL


    I checked automatic cleaner but....

    LitterMaid changed the style of their auto kitty cleaner & this new style sucks! The arm/rake doesn't lock so it really doesn't scoop the way the old style did. I end up cleaning a lot anyway so not impressed with this.


    My 2 precious poopsies have managed to program the box so it will only rake on certain day/time, not 10 minutes after the last user has exited. So until I have the time to read the frigging manual (after I find it of course) & re-program the machine, it is unplugged & I am cleaning by hand anyways.

    I use the clumping type. In an effort to make this new machine work better I tried going with less "dusty" litter, but have since given up. PetSmart had a HUGE sale on Tidy Cat litter at Black Friday so I got like 10 of those giant buckets for only $5 each & stacked them in my garage.
    "I'm not mother had me tested"

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    Jan. 5, 2011
    On a horse.


    I have four cats, and use open boxes with World's Best litter. I really like the World's Best, but have a kitten that likes to run over and eat a mouthful of fresh litter when I refill the box. I'm trying to find a litter that 1) she won't eat and 2) if she does eat it, it won't kill her :/

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    Aug. 10, 2010
    Western NY

    Default Try Woody Pet

    I use Woody Pet that I get at my feed store. Doesn't smell and is biodegradable. I DON"T like clay litter.

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    May. 18, 2000


    I have 3 cats. One likes using the clumping litter, one will only use Feline Pine and the third can go either way. All use an open box. Although the pine pellet cat also likes to use puppy pads. He just hated the feel of wet litter pretty his toes. Its taken a long time to find an arrangement so that he doesn't use the rug.

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