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    Default Hoof supplements

    So this subject has probably been talked about on here before, but for some reason the search thing is not working for me today.

    I just picked up a couple new mares recently. In both, the feet are in need of work. My farrier came out to trim. The first had long heels, short toes, and contracted heels. The second has a widened coronet growth band, heavily ringed walls from rather abrupt nutrition changes in the past year (farrier's words) and contracted mushy frog, but decent sole, chippy walls. This mare was a bit tender on all 4's which improved after his trim. In this mare, he trimmed off the mushy frog as deep as he could to healthy frog and we both pretty much figure with our dry climate that will be the end of the thrush.

    The first mare had really long hair and her skin felt floppy/gooey, like the collagen elastin in the skin was poor, and she seemed a bit dull. The other I felt should have more energy than she appeared to, but she also came with a bad case of mud fever on all four legs, so we've been working on this and probably explains her poor energy since her legs were hurting and indeed sometimes her skin felt fiery hot - this is starting to settle now.

    So, we have introduced both of these mares to our nutrition program over the past few weeks and both are looking physically improved body-wise, better energy, brighter and playful. Now, I'm looking to do something about these feet.

    I'm in Alberta, Canada, so the supplement has to be here, but if you could all help me by noting your fav brands that have done a great job for their dollar, then I can go hunting and see if it's here. I've never used these supplements before, but these particular feet need super-uber help, so desperate measures, yadda yadda.

    I'm looking to know if (a) your farrier has been impressed with your formula and (b) if the cost ratio to improvement time is satisfactory. As you all know, some formulations are uber expensive and results are years in coming, while other formulations are moderately expensive, but you start seeing results with nice growth within a couple to 3 to 4 months.
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    I love this stuff. It was recommended by my previous farrier (we parted ways because of distance, still love him) and my current farrier is pleased with the strength and amount of growth he sees in my horse's feet.

    They have contact info for international shipping. I have no idea what that might cost though.

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    I keep my TB on BioFlax 20. He has great feet, no chipping/cracking, strong, never gets ouchy despite typical TB flat soles. It probably has a lot more to do with good feed/hay, plus an awesome trimmer, but I'd like to think the supplement helps keep his feet at their best. Not sure about availability in Canada though, I get mine from smartpak and it is a Horsetech product.

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    I used BioFlax Ultra on my TB for a year. He has great feet now. Not sure if Horsetech ships to Canada, but the company is very willing to work with you (custom flavors, you name it). They offer free shipping on all their products although if they would ship to Canada, whatever fee they'd charge is worth it.
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    I like Ultra Kelp. Makes my mare's feet seem to grow faster than the norm. Faster growth & shorter intervals between trims with a great farrier. Have never needed more than that.

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    Source Focus hoof is pretty good and fairly inexpensive. I'd also use biotin and stablized ground flax seed, which is what BioFlax consists of.

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    My guys get flax with every meal and I have been impressed with Leaps N Bounds. I am in Ontario and buy it at the local tack shop. A big jar last my 2 about 3 months or so, around $85 plus HST.

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    I use Farrier's Formula Double Strenght and get it from Smartpak. I also give a cup of ground flax seed a day (just a 50 lb bag of flax for about $35 which I grind in a coffee grinder but some people don't grind.)

    Honestly, if you get their overall nutrition straight you might not need a hoof supplement. Be committed to using for a year if you start; That is how long it will take to really see results.

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    I use Farrier's Formula Double Strength. It took several months to see significant results though, but now I am beyond pleased with the results! (I am currently using it on 2 horses)

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