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    half pads usually do more harm than good with an I'll fitting saddle. If the saddle fits well or is slightly to narrow the half pad will make it a tighter fit and usually pinches them when riding.
    Well, of course. If a saddle fits or is too narrow, why put more under it which makes it narrower? Half pads should only be used if needed..and that usually means to narrow a saddle that is a bit too wide. I kind of thought that was common sense, but reading this thread, I see that it isn't. Who knew?

    I use a square pad (prefer a bit thicker ones to really flimsy ones...too many washings and they just don't have enough left in them for my purposes) with a Tad Coffin leather half pad, the thinnest option. My saddle is slightly too wide for my horse and the leather half pad makes it fit perfectly.

    When I show, I use a Toklat Medallion SuperQuilt shaped pad or the same in a half pad (with the foam pieces removed). These pads are as thick as my schooling set-up by themselves, so it's all I use.

    Right now, I use my saddle on one other horse and he gets just a poly pad.
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    I have a lot of older horses and teach a lot of beginner riders, so my skinnier older ones (TBs) I have a Roma soft saddle pad and then a fleece wither pad: for a little extra padding. They seem a lot happier with the fleece pad than just with the Roma pad, and the others are good with just the Roma pad.

    If the saddle they are using fits well (I have 32 saddles) on that particular horse, we just go with the thinner pad. Certain saddles are "off the list" for certain horses because they fit so badly, just in case anyone wants to get after us for using saddles that aren't perfect for that particular horse. We do our best to match saddles to each horse for what fits best.

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