If you are being affected by the snow on the east coast and still have power I would highly suggest filling your bathtubs with water.

I am in Northern Illinois and winters here aren't fun. I lived a mile back in a field while growing up every time we had any kind of weather watch or warning out my Mom would always fill our tub with water. She would put a big plastic bowl in the sink and a 5 gallon bucket with a sand pail in the bathroom. We would put a little water from the tub in the bowl and wash up we would then dump it into the five gallon bucket and use the sand pail to raise the water in the bucket to about 1/2 full and use that to flush toilets.

She always saved any milk jugs or juice jugs and would fill quite a few of thoose with water too. I can't even begin to count how many times having that water saved our butts.
She also had a plastic container with flashlights/batteries/candles/lighters/and a battery radio put in a spot where when we needed thoose items we had them.

To this day I still do the same thing. Only now my Hubby, daughter and I always make sure our electric stuff is all charged and ready too. In winter I bring the coolers up from the basement before we had the generator to run the fridge and freezer I would put stuff in the cooler throw clean snow on top of the food close the lid duct tape it down and set it on our porch outside.

I guess I am one of thoose that would rather be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.