So, there is a somewhat lively thread on online dating going on, plus I just got an unusually hilarious opening volley in my inbox while I happen to be already two beers in.

So what are everyone's most memorable inbox encounters?

My latest love note is "i wanna get all up n dat @ss nd act a donkey" (to which I, who ignore 99% of all OKC correspondence replied, "They want ice water in hell but they're still sweating.")

On the plus side, earlier this week someone started with, "I think I just fell in love with you. I have nothing else to say. I am stunned." (This one I politely informed I have already started seeing someone.)

A few years ago someone made a case for why I should be his third (simultaneous) wife and included the line, "Don't worry, I can afford three wives." ORLY, BUY ME TOTILAS AND I'LL CONSIDER IT.

So come on, everyone. Look through your inboxes and reveal the highs and lows!