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    Default Corn free horse feed?

    Allergy test confirmed a slight allergy to corn, hoping to switch feed to see if symptoms stop ( extreme itching/ rubbing ) he's on strategy right now

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    Buckeye Safe N Easy is corn free:

    So is Triple Crown Low Starch:

    There are a few other good products that have no whole corn, but do contain small amounts of corn-based distillers grains. I don't know if those would trigger your horse's allergy. My horses both get "skin funk" on corn, but small amounts of very processed corn (like in distillers grains) don't seem to bother them.
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    If allergies are a concern, often your best bet is to go with single ingredients and mix your own. Beet pulp, oats, alfalfa, rice bran, etc. can all be purchased in individual bags and you can make your own blend depending on what the animal needs nutritionally.
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    Nutrena SafeChoice Special Care is corn-free. I've had great results with this feed. NSC is 15%.

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    agree with deltawave - making your own is a great way to know exactly what your horse is getting. if you have a local feed mill, you could perhaps have them mix up something special for your horse's nutrition requirements?

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