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    Almost Aiken


    Ad-block. Truly.

    Also, a note to the Moderator wouldn't hurt.

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    Aug. 14, 2004


    if folks are interested you can actually op out of google ads... and you can op out of all double click ads etc by going here

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    Feb. 15, 2004


    I never have the problem.... Ad block... no ads on FB either!

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    Ad Block is awesome. Don't understand why everyone doesn't use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonesta View Post
    Ad Block is awesome. Don't understand why everyone doesn't use it.
    Didn't know about it before. Thanks
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    slight OT but related:

    Another way around the facebook ads and other annoyances (i've never seen the ticker, thanks to this - I don't even know if they're still doing that!) is - i've really enjoyed using their browser extension.

    For general ad tracking purposes, is a neat extension that helps you control who harvests your internet behaviors.
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    I haven't seen the asian women adverts (thankfully) but I can relate to the weird youtube selections that pop up.

    The horse "porn" is a regular feature for some reason, although I am not a breeder and have not entered insemination or semen as a query.
    I understand why I get BB King(yes) , and Derek Trucks (yes). I don't understand why the (rather graphic) horse breeding appears , but, whatever.
    Strange things do come up. I suppose that this is now the way of the world.

    Daventry I feel your pain...

    Last time I looked at youtube , there were Astronauts, Carl Sagen, Blues guitar (probably because of this ,which,I must say, is stunning!) Horse Breeding , Eventing, "John Wayne On Liberals", and Steven Hawking, on the side of the page.

    They (the tech robots), get it right most of the time?
    Frankly i am sick of the stalking,commercial technology, but then again I am not young and when I was in the 6th grade I was obliged to read 1984..

    Horse related isn't it? When you are "horsey " in your purchases, or your browsing on the net, the horse element can get you onto some weird lists.
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    You could probably post this in that big Help Forum down toward the bottom of the forum lists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DownYonder View Post
    Well, considering that most of us on this forum use terms like stallion, stud, and semen, I am not surprised the porn malbots lock onto us from time to time.
    It happens on twitter too!
    We started getting some interesting followers (nude resorts, hookup sites) on twitter and it took me a while to realize it was because we have a mare named Comet Swinger and I had tweeted about her foal. Probably have some very disappointed followers

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbm View Post
    i will say that i dislike strongly the new feature on Youtube where it "suggests" videos - based solely on watching dressage and stallion vids the entire right side of my screen is horse mating videos with one or two other randon horse vids thrown in for good measure....and i cant figure out how to tell them to stop!

    Argghhhh! What is with this?? As I have nothing to do with youtube other than uploading sale videos all of my "suggests" are horse vids and WITHOUT FAIL there is always a horse mating clip in there.

    The only answer, and this sickens me, is that they are otherwise very popular with the non-horsey sect. Moreso than our endless videos of "horsey ballet".

    I laughed at this thread because the first thing I noticed this morning was a giant leaderboard across the top of COTH... I *just* discovered last night... creepy & annoying. Along the right side of the forums Amazon keeps peddling the book I already bought last week. #fail.

    Ad-block is a dandy but can't bring myself to do it in fear of missing things like the gorgeous stallion ads for the auctions & stud catalog that have been running over there -------> for the past month. Kudos to those companies & designers for some quality ads.

    Also, the internet cannot be free. COTH cannot be free. Those ads are paying for our playground and as another commercial web-site owner I cannot in good conscious install an ad-blocker, unfortunate as that may be.

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    I once googled "Polish chicks" on my work computer because I had just grabbed up some polish chicks (as in baby chickens) at the feed store and I wanted to try and see what breed I had bought..... Not an experience I would want to repeat, especially since I had clicked on the "images" tab of the search engine. It's amazing what you can see in the 1/2 second it takes to figure out that you have done something horribly wrong. There are some things you cannot unsee.
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    Sorry my thoroughbreds
    Stomped on your roo. Originally Posted by pAin't_Misbehavin' :

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    I just saw this thread, and had been responding to the OP's thread in the Help forum. We do have filters in place to prevent dating sites, etc., through the company that serves the ads through the Google ad space, and we brought this issue to their attention. Evidently, this ad somehow slipped through their filters, so it was a glitch, and certainly not something that we intended to allow!

    Thanks ~
    Mod 1

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