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    Feb. 17, 2000
    Berlin, CT


    they finally cleared the roads up to the barn today and I had DH drive me up in his truck. Paddocks were still blocked so I figured that I would hand walk Lizzy , after she managed to kick me in the thigh I gave up that plan. Went and started cleaning stalls until one of the other boarders got there. There were only 2 stalls left so I left that for her and went to start digging out a path through the snow drift to get to one of the paddocks.

    Thankfully the BO's husband showed up and he fired up the tractor and cleared most of the drift away for me. Had to shovel some by hand but he saved us a ton of work!!! Thankfully the big pasture has a gate so we can divide it since we couldn't get to the other paddock. We have 2 turn out groups, so with the one divided we were still able to get both groups out.

    Go figure, my mare, who is the oldest (almost 27) was the craziest when she got out and put on a huge show, bucking and running and just being silly!!

    Here she is once she settled down. Where she is standing is probably one of the areas with the least amount of snow since it is protected by the hay barn, even so it's still a lot of snow!!!

    So ready for sping!!!
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    Jun. 22, 2007
    SE CT


    We got 2 feet here in SE CT...High winds, we are right near the shore, we lost a lot of trees with that, and the weight of the snow on them. Three down in our 1/8 mile long driveway alone, not fun.

    My husband plowed from 1 PM Friday 'til 4:30 Saturday-the blowing snow made his work really hard. He slept VERY well last night!

    Still on generator power, but it is supposed to come on anytime now.

    Got the horses out this AM, being in for 2 days straight when they usually have 24/7 T/O made them most unhappy...They were quite naughty on the way out, and blasted around for a few minutes until the drifts tired them out! Lots of branches down in the paddocks, but they can see them. We'll get them cleaned up the next few days...hopefully...

    Lots of rain tomorrow...eeewww. Love these New England winters!!

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    Feb. 15, 2004


    We got over a foot here in KW, Ontario. That's the most in quite a while. We did not get the high winds you got down on the Eastern seaboard or in the Maritimes. I still say it was a major snow fall, not a storm or blizzard here... but the media likes to hype it all up. My DD managed to get to work using 401 west to Milton on Friday am. She left earlier than usual but did not encounter any problems. Others, driving too fast and making last minute lane changes, were not so lucky.
    At the barn, the horses stayed in as the BO could not keep up with the drifts. Yesterday, beautiful day with sunshine and blue skies, no wind, he was blowing paths to the paddocks and plowing in the paddocks to the feeders. The horses were happily munching away.
    DD took her mare for a hack and they both loved the deep snow. Poor mare got sweaty just walking in the snow!!!
    Unfortunately, rain is in the forecast for tomorrow. Sigh... it is so pretty all white!

    And here, it is illegal to shovel our snow on the road!! So we make big piles on the side of the driveway being careful to throw as far as possible the first times we shovel (esp. if it is light snow... which it was on Friday!)

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    Jul. 13, 2011
    East Longmeadow, MA


    "Airs Above the Ground"! Saturday I made it to the barn and the BO and her son had managed to plow a way in with the barn medium size tractor. (Their snow plow guy had not made it there as of Sunday afternoon.) They had shoveled a walk to the paddock my horse is usually in, so I thought I'd let him out in the snow (up to mid-thigh on me) and see what he made of it. He was SO excited he broke away from me, trailing the lead rope behind him! Galloped around for about 20 minutes til we cornered him.

    So, yesterday, after riding in the indoor for a little bit, I decided to ride him outside in the unplowed snow. Um, not so much. I guess he thought it was just too wierd to be ridden in that stuff. We managed a relatively credible courbette - or capriole, or something like that. Totally unexpected on my part. Cannot believe I stayed on, was on the buckle at the time.

    We had 23 inches at home.
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