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LOL i've done the girth-tightening black eye too.
I got attacked by a crosstie in a spectacular fashion once when I was young. Was sitting around on benches in the barn, gabbing with friends at the end of the day. I happened to be next to the crosstie, and unbeknownst to me, my best friend clipped the crosstie onto a little D-ring that was on my parka, I guess for ski gloves or whatever. She didn't really have a plan, just thought it was funny that my coat had D-rings on it and would be funny when I tried to walk away. Well, just then a boarder's incredibly cute puppy came up to me with toy in mouth, wanting to play. I jumped up to run down the aisle with him--I get a little exuberant sometimes, I guess. So off I go, and I hit the end of the crosstie at a dead run. My feet went straight up, my whole body swung up in the air like a child's swing, and then the down parka ripped open. And then BAM!! landed on the aisle floor flat on my back. Knocked every ounce of oxygen out of me and the air was filled with feathers, gently falling down on me like fluffy snow.
Maybe it was the impact on the cement, but I'm telling you, in my life I have never felt such bewilderment as to what had just transpired.
Oh, I'm really sorry.... but that made me laugh like nothing else.

I gave myself a lovely black eye last year. Wintec saddle, cold hands= smacking myself in the face.