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    Every single Trader Joes I've ever been to, or seen, has TERRIBLE parking, and I'm lucky enough to work 2 doors down. Crazy accident last week, an old lady went into a parking spot, hit the truck in front of her, went to go back off it, and slammed backwards into the two cars behind her. In front of my store, and it wasnt her first time either. Ugh.

    I shop at TJs, it varies where you go, but smaller/local towns seem to have better stuff. Mine next door has 1/3 the store as its produce (which is HUGE) and another 1/3 as meats, dairies, etc. Huge emphasis on organic/free range/pasture/grass fed, I can't get that in a normal grocery store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubyfree View Post
    *Singing* Tops never mops... look at their floors!

    Love it, and it is so true. It always feels so dirty there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laskiblue View Post
    I adore Winco. As an ex-Michigander, I do miss Meijer.

    For those of you who have crappy Trader Joe's, dang, that stinks. The Trader Joe's stores here in So Cal (at least the ones I've been to) have plenty of fresh things, a nice meat selection, local artisan baked goods, and so on.
    I like Winco too but everytime I went it was so crowded until I discovered the perfect time was right after work. Store was almost empty. Can't beat their prices with a stick. Really makes you see how much of a mark-up there is at other stores. Our TJs also have the crappy parking, why is that? Do they purposely search for store sites that have next to no parking or extremely difficult to manage. Makes one wonder.

    I will not, will not shop at Albertsons. That place is the grossest supermarket I've ever been in.
    Yogurt - If you're so cultured, how come I never see you at the opera? Steven Colbert

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    My biggest grocery store pet peeve: peoples' unbehaved, rowdy children running around, running into you, slamming into you/your cart and then rushing off without acknowledging or apologizing, parents not apologizing or even caring...

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