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    Quote Originally Posted by jengersnap View Post
    My mother still has AOL too. On top of her DSL from her company. I just don't get the reasoning there.
    My husband has had his AOL account forever and just doesn't want to switch. He doesn't pay for the ISP part of AOL (is AOL even offering that service anymore?) but does may a small monthly fee just to have his AOL email address. He's also got a work email address and a gmail account that sees little use.

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    I still have an AOL account, probably over 15 years old. I don't pay for it, it's just there but it was my default email for a long time and I don't feel like going into all of my accounts and setting up another default. I find it easier to use than my Verizon or G-mail accounts so it's the one I tend to use. It's kind of sentimental too. I still have my first screen name as does my son.

    I imagine someday AOL will go the way of the dinosaur but until then I'll use it.

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    My mom still has AOL too, lol. I don't think she's ever going to give it up, and I'm not sure if she still pays for the service.

    I remember my dad signing up for it back when it was like $20 for 30 minutes of internet time or something completely ridiculous like that. My sister and I were obsessed with the chat rooms and she even had an online "boyfriend". This, of course was before all the scary stuff that went on in chat rooms was common knowledge...

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    I loved hearing "You've got mail!" back in the day.
    I guess I still get that feature with my Android is constantly chiming with the sound of my choice to tell me I have a new message in one of my four email accounts, or a Facebook message, or it is my turn with Words with Friends.
    I think I get too many messages now - You've got mail would get exasperating!

    And I remember chatting online with my Commodore 64 using GeoLink.

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