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    All i can say is if cats are bad invasives in nz &au they have bigger issues with cain toads killing native species, those suckers arent bias as to who they kill! Their secretions kill any small/medium animal as they are not native and immunity isnt there

    Kinda need a special animal to control those toads!

    Circle of life
    Cats are opportunists they dont premeditate so its not murder, its life!

    We dont need another plague, sidenote creeps me out kids play/sing ring around the rosey...if they/people really knew its origin and basically its facts About the plague! Not cute at all!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by *Teddy* View Post
    if they/people really knew its origin and basically its facts About the plague! Not cute at all!!!
    Not according to Snopes.

    But I do think that the dearth of cats (which led to the plethora of rats) stemmed from the assumption that cats were in league with the devil and were witches' familiars. The beginnings of cats getting a bad rap!
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    "Dogs are man's best friend. Cats are man's adorable little serial killer." I'm stealing that for my signature line.

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    Well, I don't know about anyone else, but my cats are pacificsts. I think they're Quakers. The old lady used to hunt birds when she was young and still allowed outdoors (none of them are now) but she would bring them to me completely unharmed. And growl at me as I took them away from her so they could fly away.

    My four found a mouse in the dining room at Christmas time and just sat there and looked at it. It ran right over Oliver's paws. Useless cats.

    My poor departed Simon was quite the killer, though. His specialty was chipmunks that got into the house.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vacation1 View Post
    , as TNR becomes the feline version of no-kill, where you either agree with them completely or you're a POS who wants animals to die.
    Very good point. I also used to think TNR was the only way to go, but I'm starting to reconsider. I do think it encourages dumping - our neighborhood is simply inundated with kitties because we're a bunch of softies and nearly every block has a "crazy cat lady" living on it. Yeah, they participate in TNR, but it can get out of control fast. And not every neighbor is on board with hoards of felines running around, especially as they get under the pier and beam houses.

    At some point people have got to stop throwing away their kitties. (and dogs! Literally hundreds get turned into the shelters every day!) But it seems like the responsible pet owners are far outnumbered by the idiots around here. It's maddening.

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    At some point people have got to stop throwing away their kitties. (and dogs! Literally hundreds get turned into the shelters every day!) But it seems like the responsible pet owners are far outnumbered by the idiots around here. It's maddening.[/QUOTE]


    I took in an entire litter of barn kitties from a neighbor down the road. A poor emaciated pregnant stray took refuge in his hay barn and had 5 kittens. I had a rodent problem and took the whole family; my old-school father in law said kitties will stay around if they have babies, and the babies will stay around if they were raised there. Partly true; mama left once the babies were weaned and never came back, but I still have 4 of the 5 kittens. The only male moved into the house after about a year because he roamed too much, and made me sick worrying about him (we are in coyote country). And pretty indoor kitty needed a playmate, so like the book "Heidi," I got him a country playmate.

    I LIKE that my cats are serial killers. That's why I HIRED them. They aren't quick enough for birds, but I have no mice, rats, moles or snakes anymore.

    Oh and pretty indoor kitty? Fancy Ragdoll that a co-worker of DH's foisted on us when her newborn turned out to be allergic. He was a $1500 kitten and lived in a mansion in the ritzy part of town before coming down in the world to live at our shack. He's resigned himself to his lot in life, and managed to get a mouse in the mudroom at about 2 am on Sunday morning. Even a fancy pedigreed kitty finds an acorn sometimes....

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    Yes, cat owners and society in general are mainly responsible for this so-called "scourge" in NZ and Australia.

    Pet cats should not be allowed to roam, period. No more than a dog should. Cats can be outside in a screened-in area, on a leash & harness, whatever, if their owner insists on them getting "fresh air" (my two pretty much never go outside and they're the happiest, most affectionate, healthiest, fittest geriatrics you could imagine).

    People hem & haw about spaying/neutering because they figure "aww, well she only went outside for a few hours, what are the odds that she'll find a tom in that period of time?". Um, if she's in heat it's virtually GUARANTEED that a tom will find her.

    And most people also don't know that cats are reproductively very unique, in that they will get pregnant every.single.time they mate. Guaranteed. Scientific fact. Even my University-educated engineer hubby didn't know this. The very act of copulation is what stimulates the female to release an egg, so she will *always* get pregnant after being.. ahem... wooed.

    So then people are like "aww, seriously?? she gets out ONCE and gets pregnant?? FML!!". Yes, dingbat. That's what happens when you let your unspayed female out.

    And people who own toms are horrid - they're not the ones saddled with kittens, so what do they care?

    It's so infuriating, such a vicious cycle of human laziness and utter stupidity.

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