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    Default North Korea's Propaganda Video

    What do you think?

    One of the commenters summed it up best: "If their nuclear scientists are as skilled as their video creators, we should be safe for a while."

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    Dec. 10, 2012


    They have what, maybe a couple of nukes?

    We have enough to snuff every single North Korean out of existence. I'm not worried.

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    They are just saber ratteling again. One reason their antics get a moment on our news is because there is no peace treaty to the "Korean war" because they have yet to be happy with any of the terms brought to the table.
    They rattle their saber they get a moment on our news.. they get a small group of people on our side scared they win in a small way but in their eyes its a win...

    And every time their sabers rattle bigger than this a certain element of our military go on slightly higher "alert" then they were yesterday. Last time that I know of personally (my dh is no longer attached to a unit that has any connection) was about 10-11yrs ago they ratteling sabers left and right. And while DH was activated for something else he was put on alert for this with the possibility he might key word might have to go to Korea.. it was dropped quickly and things went back to normal.

    Lol I wonder what is next their rendition of Godzila(sp) eating LA while bombs dropping on it?
    Friend of bar .ka

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    I guess he has been watching some of obama's commercials about hope, change and .....

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