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    Default Heritage Farm Opportunities

    I keep eyeing this...

    Please know that I fully understand if/when I am/could be actually serious I will call the phone number directly and ask my questions to prepare for a professional interview. However, in terms of researching and gathering background information out of curiosity and possible future interest, does anyone on CoTH have knowledge or experience with this?

    Without knowing very much information, I would assume it is geared towards established 3'6"+ riders with a proven track record and their own competitive horse(s)? I wonder if there are opportunities for housing and riding, and I also wonder what the general atmosphere of working at such a high quality and amazing horse-caliber barn would be, ie how the working student would be treated in comparison to (obviously) catering towards established riders who own multiple horses and are paying far more in board, etc.

    The potential learning experience and opportunities that would come out of a position at Heritage Farm are exponential, and I am simply looking to gather insight to be more informed about such a position. It seems like a dream to see how a top-quality show barn is run on a daily basis in terms of business organization, vet/farrier/chiro treatments, feeding schedules, behind the scenes management at horse shows, etc. and I would like to know more.


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    I got a virus warning when I tried to open the link.

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    It looks like a lovely place, but they aren't particularly forthcoming about who they're looking for, how long they expect the internship to last, whether there's housing available, etc, or the myriad of other questions you or a potential intern would need answers to. I presume there will be riding opportunities for the right candidate, but who the right candidate is, is something you'd need to ask. Unless another COTH poster has been there before, these are all questions you are going to have to telephone or email them with. Inquiring won't hurt, even if you're not ready to go this instant. At least you'll have the answers you're looking for and will know if they're someone to contact down the line.

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    MyGiantPony: that's very strange, it definitely does not say anything bad when I open it!

    tinydragon: agreed, thanks

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    Well, it's pretty much guaranteed that you'll never get considered for the position unless you contact them. So, if you are interested or curious, just contact them. Can't hurt. You probably don't need a horse, based on working student positions that friends have had with BNT.
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    My friend worked there as a manager for a couple years. From what she said, she got to hack horses but not jump them very frequently as her skills were not up to what they were looking for. She didn't get many lessons.

    They have 150+/- horses with 70-80 going to WEF when she was there. So there's a lot to be done with lots of grooms/managers working. When she was at WEF she said she barely left the tents, but obviously that was just her position - it's going to be different for each job.

    Housing was provided for her and the other managers/grooms, not sure about the WS.

    She found the level of care/organization to be somewhat different from what she expected.

    I don't know how helpful that is, as she was a paid worker versus being a working student. If you have any specific questions, PM me.
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