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    Nov. 29, 2011

    Default Do you charge a fee for looking at a horse for a client?

    I have a client who wants me to go check out a horse for her. The horse is 2 hours away and I will be missing lessons for that day. Do you charge a fee for going to try the horse for your rider, if so, why is it?

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    Oct. 7, 2010


    You're going to have to charge something, because by going to look at a horse you are forfeit the income you would have earned by staying home.
    That is by definition an opportunity cost.
    It also costs money to travel two hours, though this might not be out of pocket either, if the client drives and you go along.
    If you were, say, giving a clinic at a barn two hours away and there was a horse for you to look at, for a client, there, it would cost you less- you are already there (no additional travel expense) and have traded home-lesson income for clinic income.

    Perhaps you can work something out with your client, for example the client has some good photos and video footage of this prospect horse- if she makes lunch (doesn't have to be fancy, you could go to Subway) you will go over the footage with her without charging for your time.

    In my opinion, if you were to get 'kickback money' from a commission, it would not be appropriate to charge the client for going to see the horse. But if you would not be getting any commission, it would be appropriate for you to charge for your time.

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    Jun. 29, 2004


    I am not a pro but a friend of mine does this. He feels that by charging for his time instead of a percentage of the purchase price, no one is inclined to think he approved a horse just to make a nice big commission.

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    Nov. 30, 2009


    Charge by the hour for everything related to a horse search, or charge a commission on the purchase price. Take your pick, but you need to make a choice and spell it out to the client ahead of time.

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