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    Default Help me figure out spycam/barncam stuff?

    I fear *I* may have asked this before -- for some reason I have a mental block.

    There are enough different components (wireless/wired cameras, transmitting to house, getting signal to a TV, getting signal to the internet or my iPhone) that it's just mental spaghetti right now... and I am by no means a technophobe or unusually challenged in this area.

    Here are the factors:

    - Farm has cable for TV and internet. It's free, so I don't have much of an interest in getting something different in. I live in a (for want of a better word) rooming/bunkhouse that has various connections for this cable -- I personally have a wireless router set up that's connected to a cable coming out of the wall. That way I can be on wifi for my phone and all devices.

    - Barn is about 200 ft from the building I live in. Barn is sheeted in tin and has a tin roof -- and the yard between house and barn has quite a few metal structures.

    Here are the questions:

    1) I want to get internet to the barn so I can have a computer in the barn connected to the internet streaming video from a barncam. Is this unrealistic? For the house, an actual cable is run from the main house to ours. Not really feasible to the barn I don't think so I'm hoping for a wireless booster of some sort... recommendations?

    2) I assume that since our cable is free and that's what I'd be using, there won't be huge costs to stream a lot of video data? I asked about setting up a Sprint wireless hotspot and was told I'd DIE of the data charges.

    3) My last question -- I've looked at barn cam set-ups that have DVRs that mention streaming to internet/phone -- does that mean that I would use that device instead of having to have a laptop/desktop at the barn?

    Here's a set-up I was looking at... opinions welcome.

    Well there's one more thing -- if you don't know these answers or can't take the time to get into it -- who or where could I get this kind of help?
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    Default Help for your Barn Camera

    You really have a couple options here.

    You could run a wire from your current house to get internet in your barn. Once you have it there a DVR or an IP camera would work for you.

    If a wire won't work you could put an antenna on your router to boost the signal to your barn and at your barn have an antenna to pick up the signal and connect to your DVR or IP camera.

    You could also sind the camera signal to your house and view it from there on your phone or over the internet.

    Plesae give us a call we would be happy to help no charge.

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