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    They're not solar, and they're not particularly winter hardy, but I have a set of these: in my barn and they provide a surprisingly decent amount of light. I have two in my tack room (8x12) and they provide enough light in there that I could read a book if I wanted, and three more mounted in the aisle - there, it's enough light to see by, but not as well lit as the smaller space. That said, it's enough to do night check by. Do mount them fairly high - I put mine up at the top of my reach, so I can take them down to change batteries without getting a ladder out, but higher than my line of sight - they're terribly bright if you look directly into them! The major problem with them is that the cold weather we're having now KILLS the batteries. I used them very successfully for several months this fall without having to change the batteries, but once we got into real winter temperatures, they don't last very long. I'm waiting till things warm up a bit before I replace batteries again.

    In the mean time, I have a pretty good redneck solution (that I think I've mentioned here before) - MagLites in a canister (held steady by a partial roll of paper towels). The underside of my barn's roof is really light colored/white and so a single MagLite pointed straight up provides enough light to make things workable. The MagLite solution is so workable that I've contemplated making a bracket out of PVC that I could mount on the wall (to replace the canister/roll of paper towels holder) - side benefit to that would be that I'd always know where to find a flashlight!

    Someday, I'm going to get electric run out to the barn, but for now, my temporary fixes have worked well enough to let that task slide...

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    Thanks for all the ideas and information. I guess there's not a perfect solution, so I just have to pick which one is best for our situation. I appreciate all the ideas.

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