Its cute how she tacks in , over breeding , racetracks , carriage horses , TWH's into her tidy little article about horse slaughter.

She does bring up their push and support of a Breeders council and if you follow the comments. Horse breeders are responsible and the devils spawn

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10 hours ago ( 1:55 PM)
Bravo!!! Well said!

The equine breeders, themselves, are the biggest offenders. There is an over population of horses, and the breeders are complicit, even with the lack of demand. Most breeder have never taken Econ 101, they continue breeding with abandon, knowing they can DUMP their alleged loved horses into the brutal pipeline of slaughter.

The killer horse buyer industry, as you can imagine, is as morally bankrupt and corrupt as they come. Indeed those fellas and there are some women, have no remorse when they falsify a drug record or fraudulently sell horse to slaughter, when it is not even the horse they are claiming it is.
Killer horse buyers, will see horse rescuers at an auction, and purposely bid up the prices, out of spite. Sometimes the auctioneer pretends he doesn't see the rescuers and won't take their bids. That is how petty they are.

The thoroughbred industry has started to look at the situation. However, only a handful of breeders, are committed to the well being of the horses they bred. The others? Couldn't give a da%m.

Artificial insemination is out of control They send semen willy-nilly to anyone and everyone. They don't care if they got their money.

It must end. The torture must end. Over-populating must end-as that's the BIGGEST problem."