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    Default Rated or Schooling?

    Bear with me here... I'm a transplant from H/J land.

    I'm hopefully attending some dressage shows this year. However, all I have are my lovely suede half chaps, and Ariat paddock boots. I don't think it would be an issue to not have dress boots at a lower level show, but I can't find out its rating.

    It's recognized by USA Eq (3837) [whatever that means], USDF, & CDS (California Dressage Society).

    Any help for a noob? Appreciated!

    Here is the prize list:
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    dressage shows are not rated , like hunter show A / AA etc

    The show you mention is recognized. You will follow USEF rules.

    Currently the web site is "experiencing problems" so you should go on line and look at the Dressage rules carefully

    there you will find plenty of info on dress and tack regulations. Conventinal hunter attire is permitted and Half chaps are ok at training and first level. Double check the detail of suede, I left showing before these rules took effect.

    You may wish to start at schooling shows. They are more economical and you will get the chance to experience some of the details of having a ride time, timing warm up etc. You are not likely to encounter the multiple member / non-member fees you would at a recognized show.
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    Here are the rules. I think your half chaps will need to be leather, not suede.

    DR120 DRESS.
    1. The dress code for Training through Fourth Levels is a short riding coat of conservative color, with tie, choker or stock tie, white or light-colored breeches or jodhpurs, boots or jodhpur boots, and protective headgear as defined in DR120.5 and in compliance with GR801. A cutaway coat (modified tailcoat) with short tails is permitted. Half chaps, gaiters and/or leggings are not al- lowed. Gloves of conservative color are recommended. Exception: Riders through First Level may wear half-chaps, gaiters or leggings in solid black or brown, without fringe, matching the color of their boots, and made of smooth leather or leather-like material.

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    OP - I made the assumption you're showing Training/First level. As you can see, you will need need tall boots above First.

    Good luck!

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    If you haven't been to Yarra Yarra and it's not too far, I highly recommend checking out the facility. Your H/J horse may be less reactive than dressage horses, but I found the venue to be kinda high-pressure for just getting used to showing dressage.

    Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely facility and I remember a particularly good caterer ... it's just not the lowest-key option.

    Check each chapter's own site to see if they have info about schooling shows (also called 1* (or one stars) in the CDS region). I remember a series at Webb Ranch (Portola Valley) sponsored by the San Francisco Chapter the last couple of years I was there, and as long as there's no polo, it's quite chill.

    If you don't want to go across the bay, there are probably East Bay chapter schooling shows, as well ... you just have to look a little deeper because they're not as well-publicized as the recognized shows.

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    Also, if you are from hunter/jumper land, you can wear your field boots, rather than buying dress boots. The difference isn't very noticable and they are perfectly legal.

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    Just FYI

    If you haven't gone to the CDS website - - you might want to go there and check the calendar and the activities tabs. The calendar has recognized shows. Schooling shows (unrecognized) are in the activities tab.
    Recognized shows are marked with either 1-star (*) or 3-star (***). 1-star are CDS recognition only. 3-star have USEF, USDF and CDS recognition. In order to compete you have to be a member of the recognizing organization or pay a non-menber fee. Most 1-star shows follow USEF dress requirements. The shows at Yarra Yarra are 3-star shows.
    If you are looking for a non-recognized (schooling show), I believe there is one in Briones in the next few months, and I believe there will be a couple at the Woodside Horse Park (check their website calendar). Keep checking back, these shows often don't advertise until closer to the time of the show.
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