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    A big part of the problem is the lack of mental health services for the severely mentally ill. Some people need to be locked uo, or at least closely supervised. These days, even if parents know their adult child is hallucinating and potentially violent, it is very hard to get them confined and treated.

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    The answer to most of the questions raised in this thread is CULTURE. It is not the gun or access to it. It is not a gun culture that causes mass murder. Up till the last few years, mass shootings were rare. We used to have a culture of mutual respect. We had guns in all hands. Only the last 50 years has murder become common knowledge.
    The culture has changed.
    Why does Canada not have as many mass murders ? culture
    Why does Canada not have the same percentage of its population incarcerated? culture

    Why is atomic weapons in the hands of Iran a problem? culture
    Why is atomic weapons in the hands of North Koreans a problem ? ...culture

    Atomic weapons in the hands of UK, France, USA, Russia, China, India, maybe Israel, ... a problem or not ? culture
    Pakistan maybe a problem, definitely a profliferator ...culture

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    I'm not so sure that Canada has a much different culture overall than the U.S. I suspect the U.S. has more of it's population incarcerated because of poverty, lack of education and the war on drugs.

    As for mass murderers...there is one major difference between Canada and the U.S. and it's the number of guns. I don't know how you can throw that out of the equation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LauraKY View Post
    Can someone explain to me why they watch the same movies and videos in Canada and don't have the gun accidents, murders and suicides we do?
    So glad I'm Canadian.
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    I think a big reason for seeing so much more gun violence is the general sense that the future is not optimistic. People without hope that the future will be better are more likely to do something rash because things can't be any worse in their eyes.

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    I keep seeing threads like this and I don't understand why the anti-gun folks aren't screaming and yelling about armed criminals? Why are the law abiding gun owners suddenly a problem?

    Why not talk to your local police chief and see what they are doing to get guns out of the hands of criminals? Why isn't the president putting some widespread action in place to de-arm the criminals? They are the problem here not us!

    If someone breaks into my house and is warned that a gun is at hand and I will use it, tough cookies for them. If you do not immediately leave I will shoot you if you threaten me or my family or my damn dog for that matter.

    When I see all the anti's up in arms about criminals with guns and solutions to those problems then maybe I will listen to your anti-gun stance. When I hear your voices raised to get guns out of the hands of criminals then maybe I will listen, when I see the anti's march on Chicago to stop criminal gun violence then maybe I will listen. Until then stay away from us law abiding citizens who choose to protect ourselves.
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    The woman is still in jail. Most offenses are bailable, unfortunately, but judges can set the bail so high that it is as good as "no bail." Since the woman had threatened George Bush years ago, and her plea of not guilty by reason of insanity was accepted by a judge in Canada, she should not have been able to legally obtain a gun in SC. There is not enough reporting of plea dispositions both within this country and with neighboring countries like Canada.

    Too many people are allowed to plead not guilty by reason of insanity and spent a short time in a mental hospital. Due to the shooting death of a police officer in my state, GA, 3 months after a defendant's not guilty by reason of insanity plea was accepted, and the defendant was released and shot the cop, my state enacted a "guilty but mentally ill" verdict. Based upon the number of mentally ill people who killed and were later released after a few months from mental hospitals and killed again, I chose to try my mentally ill defendants and have the juries find them guilty but mentally ill. They then went to prison, where they got some mental health treatment. And stayed in jail, not back out on the streets.

    Neither the feds nor the state police can keep guns out of the hands of convicted felons or the hands of mentally ill people who are prone to violence. The system does not work because the results of pleas are not always put into a database. My state now has a database of sexual offenders which is accessible to the public. We need a similar database for people who cannot own guns legally.

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